Orchid G Winner!


First off, I’d like to thank everyone for trying out in my contest I had a lot of entries and it was thrilling to be able to see everyone working so hard for in my contest! Also be sure to thank the great sex toy shop, Babeland for providing the Orchid G!

I chose the winner by a random drawing generator, and it chose comment #32 – which is Shannon!

Congrats to Shannon!!! Shannon, if you would e-mail me your address at [seaofneptune @ gmail . com] so your prize can get sent out to you- thank you!

Thank you all for playing and look forward to another contest sometime!

Joining the Naughty List!


1.) I rubbed my partner’s crotch discreetly under a blanket when we were hanging out with friends. I mean, he told me to find a way to entertain myself if I got bored so I did!

2.) My partner and I had sex in a relative’s bed when they were out of town. I feel very very dirty for this one, but we were young and wanted giggles.

3.) I actually flipped off the guy behind me because he honked at me when the light turned green. I had only been green for 2 seconds. I was in a bad mood that day, so it just happened. (I’m fairly lady-like)

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Babeland Smartball


Smartball Single

I’ve been interested in kegel balls for some time now, they are intended to exercise your vaginal muscles so you can have stronger orgasms. I wanted them to see if it would help me learn how to properly experience the power of my g-spot. I have felt the pleasure that it can bring but I have never orgasmed from it, let alone experienced female ejaculation. I had been looking into trying kegel balls for a few months. After some looking around, I decided to try the Babeland Smartballs.

The Smartballs come in two different styles: single and double. I am considered to be a beginner with Smartballs so I decided to try the single. The single is also intended to work for women with tilted or shallow vaginal canals. The smartballs are also known as the “Teneo Duo” and “Teneo Uno” and are manufactured by Fun Factory. The Babeland Smartballs are made of silicone and ABS hard plastic. I tend to have a preference towards silicone toys because the material is high grade, has a velvety smooth texture, and allows more of a choice when it comes to cleaning methods. The Smartballs come in a variety of colors but you can get the blue/hot pink from Babeland only.

Close up of Ball

The Smartball is about 1 1/2 inches wide and the retrieval cord is about 1 1/3 inches long. The cord may look thin but it’s very tough material and holds it’s own when you pull on it. I admit I was a little worried during my first use that the cord would snap upon removal. I have used the Smartball a few times now and have never had any breakage scares. The ball does have a slight texture – it’s a small raised wave that goes around the circumference of the ball. I’m not completely sure what the purpose of the texture is, I felt that it was to help keep the ball from slipping. The packaging says that the waves are there for “added sensitivity”. I can’t tell because I don’t feel the texture at all when I have it inserted.

The ball is weighted (similar to those asian “Ben-Wa” balls) and the weight rolls around inside the ball. After inserting the ball, the weight will rattle as you go about your day. These vibrations will cause your vaginal muscles to tighten. This helps your muscles to tighten and loosen as each vibration happens. So you are able to do the kegel exercises without having to think about it as you go about your daily activities. I felt that the rattling sensation was definitely unique, not to the point that it’s uncomfortable but it’s something that may take getting used to.

The Babeland Smartball is the first kegel ball that I have tried and I will say that it’s not going to be my last. I am very interested in trying out other styles (from this great sex toy website) until I can find one that works as perfectly as possible for my body. I just feel like I need to shop around to find one that suits me best and I will definitely be upgrading to the two ball style. I want to see if the two ball style will make a bit more of a difference.

I felt that the ball seemed to be working well, but I only used mine for day to day use. I will have to try out the recommended exercises from the Babeland Smartballs page as well. At times when I would try the ball, I felt that my muscles would tighten so much that it felt a bit uncomfortable when I removed the ball. What bothered me about the packaging is that there is nothing on it that tells you how far up to insert the ball. So I feel that I had to go through trial and error to figure out where to put it. If it was too low it would start to slide out a little, too high and I wouldn’t feel the vibrations at all. When it comes to sex, my partner did tell me that he can tell that my muscles have gotten a bit tighter which he is enjoying and it does help to make intercourse a bit more comfortable for me. As far as orgasms go – I haven’t really noticed much of a difference yet. I am going to keep trying though!

Make sure you use a decent amount of lube , the first time I used mine I didn’t and it was a bit uncomfortable to use the ball without it. When it comes to cleaning, you can use a toy cleaner, mild soap and warm water, put it in the dishwasher, or boil it. That’s the wonderful thing about silicone is the amount of different cleaning methods you can choose from. I usually just use mild soap and hot water to clean my silicone toys. I live with others so it’s not as discreet for me to put them in the dishwasher or boil them on the stove.

If you would like to purchase the Smartballs, check out this woman friendly sex toy shop, and get some! They are decently priced as well as a bunch of their other great vibrators and sex toys!

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