Making postive changes

Why can making positive changes in my life be so hard sometimes? Well, I think it’s because it can be hard to let go or to even realize that it would even be a positive change. The change I am trying to make in my life is cutting out things that may no longer be worth my time to make time for things I enjoy or are way more worth it in the long run. This is what I have begun to do – I’m a college student so I have been trying to be active on my campus as well. That has proven hard for me because I have to juggle it, along with school work, my personal life, chores, and reviewing. Luckily, I have let go of that allowing me to get more on top of my school work which will allow me to get more on top of the reviews I still need to complete. It’s been hard – especially since recently I was having to take care of an ill family member. Things have been a little rough and bumpy – but I will get there.