Incoqnito Smoke Ring review

First off, I’ll admit to you that I have been eying Incoqnito products for a while now. I love how extremely unique each product looks and I also love that they are so discreet. That I have no fear or worry if I accidentally leave one out on my nightstand next to my bed. I am so absolutely thrilled that Babeland Toys allowed me the chance to review the Smoke Ring. What is the smoke ring, you ask? Well, it’s a very, very discreet cock ring. A cock ring is either made to fit around the base of the penis or both the penis and testicles. The smoke ring is a cock ring designed to fit around the base of the penis. It’s about 7 inches long and is made up of beautiful smoke grey beads of varying sizes. The ring will fit a diameter of 7 to 9 inches. The beads are each made of quartz and are strung together on nylon string. The materials are completely non-porous.

The benefits of a cock ring: You can use a cock ring during intercourse or masturbation. It will help to keep the penis erect longer. It can also help the man to have better orgasms – by making the orgasms feel stronger. The Smoke ring also comes with it’s own benefits. The smoky quartz is believed to stimulate your sexual energy. Quartz in general has healing properties as well as holds positive energy.

How does the Smoke Ring work? A cock ring works by restricting the blood flow. Once this happens, the penis is less sensitive and prolongs the erection. You use the Smoke Ring by twisting two of the beads together to form a ring. Make sure you don’t do it too small so it isn’t too tight on you or your lover. Then slip the ring onto the penis by rolling it down from the tip to the base (similar to putting on a condom). You can remove the ring by either rolling it back up the opposite way or untwisting the beads to undo the ring. As a safety side note – the instructions that come along with the ring mentions that it is not recommended to wear for more than 20 minutes.

My Lover and my impression: We absolutely love the product and I know that I will be collecting Incoqnito products from here on out. The design of the product is great, it looks gorgeous and it is very easy to use. The design is great, it comes in a nice hard box and inside it comes with a suede pouch to store the ring in. The ring also comes with easy to use instructions. Neither my partner nor I felt any kind of discomfort caused from the ring during intercourse. On a side note, it is really fun to roll them up and down his shaft to provide more stimulation during oral sex or a hand job. I’ll also admit that I am lucky to have a partner with a lot of stamina naturally, but there are some times that I am able to get him just right and he finishes quickly. So the ring definitely helped him stay harder longer in these cases. It’s a great toy because in a way it maximizes my pleasure as well as my partner’s. This also helped a lot when I wanted g-spot stimulation because I need constant stimulation for my g-spot pleasure. The ring helps him do the job just right. I asked him if his orgasms felt any stronger, and he told me that he felt that they definitely felt stronger.

Another plus is that we are able to use it both with and without a condom. The clean up is fairly easy, I use mild soap and warm water to clean it and dry it with a soft wash cloth. I store our ring in the suede case in a box on my night stand so it is available when ever we need it.


I highly recommend this toy and it would make a great gift for your partner. So don’t wait, go get yours from Babeland Toys now!

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