Foxy Bombshell panties review

Foxy Bombshell Panties

The reason I wanted to review the foxy Bombshell panties from Babeland Toys was because I love everything retro and vintage and I loved the idea of making myself look and feel like one of those pretty retro pin up girls. The Foxy Bombshell panties are made of 95% polyester silk and 5% Lycra. They are a gorgeous shade of girly powder pink. They are manufactured by Booty Parlor and come in both small and large sizes. They are bikini style and feature a surprise peephole in the back that is topped with a shiny satin ribbon, that you are able to untie and adjust to fit. It also features a cute gathered section right down the middle to accentuate your butt. The panties are about 27 inches in the waist and can stretch to be about 40 inches wide. The panties stretch easily and don’t seem to feel taught when they stretch. The material is thin and soft and doesn’t feel scratchy against the skin. The edges of the panties have a cute plain black lace edging on them.

The gathering on the back

I’m a petite girl and at this moment I weigh 130 pounds. I’m also part Hispanic so I sport the infamous J.Lo butt. So I worry how things will look and fit on my wide hips (they are about 38 inches wide). So when I got out of the shower one day, I decided to try them on. I was a little worried about the gather in the back because I was convinced they would be uncomfortable or that it wouldn’t look sexy and it would just look like I had a permanent wedgie. They fit very nicely and weren’t uncomfortable at all. I had to adjust the ribbon and double tie it after I put them on because it was a little loose (I have wide hips but a smaller waist). My partner loved them on me of course, but I don’t feel that I was 100 percent happy with them. I feel like they didn’t fit my butt perfectly and that they kind of scrunched down a little – like the fit was loose on me.

Here you can see the panties on me. As you can see they are a little scrunched up.

The panties come in a cute little cardstock box with a slide out drawer on it. I actually keep my panties still stored in that box in my dresser drawer. As far as care and cleaning go, it says that you need to hand wash them in cold water. I don’t often like to hand wash things, so I machine washed them in cold water and I hung dried them – that seemed to work very well. If you are afraid that the ribbon may fray you can tip the ends with some clear nail polish. I usually use a fray stopper that I buy from my local fabric store.

All in all, I feel that these panties aren’t perfect but they are still really cute. My partner definitely enjoyed them on me as well.


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