Sweetheart Ducky Review

Giving you a shy stare ^_~

This cute little Sweetheart Ducky was sent to me by the great sex toy website Good Vibrations. The Sweetheart Ducky is one of the cutest vibrators that I own. It’s completely discreet, if you looked at it sitting on my bathroom shelf, you wouldn’t believe that it’s a vibrator. The Sweetheart Ducky is small, about 3 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide at it’s widest point. It’s made of ABS plastic which is completely free of phthalates. It’s waterproof so you can even take this little sweetheart into the bathtub with you. It comes in a gorgeous pearlescent white and is decorated with a removable feather boa and it even has a Swarovski crystal nose piercing. It takes 1 AAA battery and it’s a bit tricky to put the battery in it. You have to take a coin and insert it into the slot on the bottom of the duck and twist it, once you do that – you are able to open it up to put the battery in it. You have to close it the same way, by twisting the coin in the slot. The Sweetheart Ducky is an external vibrator, so it is made to stimulate your vulva, nipples, and anywhere else on your body you would like to please.

Size comparison

When I used this toy, I brought it into the bath with my partner and I – I was excited to have a fun toy to play with in the bath tub. Unfortunately for me, it was extremely weak. It was enough to work as a little warm up vibe for me before intercourse. As far as a vibe to use for play and to get me off, this one won’t do. If you are looking for a weaker vibe, then this would be a great vibe for you – if you need strength – then I don’t feel like this would work for you either. It works great for nipple stimulation though, because it gives me the light gentle simulation that I like.

The Sweetheart Ducky is very well made, there is no texture to the outside. It’s completely smooth, not counting in the curves on it’s wings and it’s face. The vibrations don’t seem to travel well throughout the whole body of the duck though. It’s main power seems to be on the bottom of it. I kind of wish that the Ducky was a bit bigger, then maybe it would have more power – but it’s small size helps to keep it discreet and makes it travel friendly as well. As I mentioned, I keep mine on a shelf in my bathroom so it’s very easy to hide because I don’t even need to hide it.

Battery compartment & Dial control

To turn the Sweetheart Ducky on and off, you use a dial type control on the bottom of it. It’s easy for me to use and had no problem even using it with wet fingers in the tub. The toy isn’t really noisy to me, it seemed to be pretty quiet. I feel that I could use it without much fear that anyone could hear it.  The Ducky is very easy to clean, I use mild soap and warm water to clean it. You can even store the Ducky in it’s holder that it in. It comes in a cute plastic heart and even has a little pedestal that you can place the heart in so it stands up.

In packaging

All in all, I didn’t feel that the Sweetheart Ducky was the perfect toy for me – but I still love it for the novelty of it. It’s adorable and I love having it in my sex toy collection.


Go to Good Vibrations and get a Ducky of your own and while you are there, check out their great selection of toys, lubes, and videos.

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