Lelo Oden Review

Oden and Controller

The Oden, with that kind of name you would think this toy would be fit for a god – right? The Oden is one of the new innovative line of Insignia toys from the awesome sex toy company Lelo. When you first look see the Oden, you might think “What in the world is that?” because it has a very unique shape and style to it. The Oden is shaped similar to a curl with a a bulbed end to it. It is made up of high grade and completely body safe silicone and shiny gold little bits of hard plastic. What is so special about this toy, it has a wireless controller that you can use to control the vibrations . How do you control the vibrations? There are three buttons that you use. The one in the middle controls the vibration mode and the buttons on the left and the right of the middle button make the vibrations softer or stronger. What is so innovative part of this toy is that you can actually motion control the vibrations using the controller – similar to the technology used with the Wii video game system. The controller is small, fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and runs off of two AAA batteries. Both the controller and the Oden are even made to be waterproof so you will have some new fun toys to take into the tub with you. The use for this toy is a couples vibrating cock ring, it’s made purely for pleasure. I can’t see this working for someone looking for a serious cock ring that is going to restrict blood flow – but for a couple that is wanting a fun unique toy to play with in bed, this should work great. I also feel like it would suit advanced users or sex toy enthusiasts the most, due to the complex nature and unique aspects of the toy – it’s not just a simple quick use vibrating cock ring.

How the tail can bend

Well, unfortunately the first thing that you have to do with this toy is plug the Oden in and charge it. I know, I hated waiting for it to charge myself but it didn’t take too long. To charge the Oden – you actually have to pull the round part off and inside there is a place to insert the charger cable. While you are waiting you can insert the batteries into the controller. I had the hardest time figuring out how to put the cover back on the controller. Serves me right for not reading the instructions first – I was too eager and I figured that I would just be able to decipher it all by myself. To put the cover onto the controller – you have to use the little black plastic key that comes with the toy. You insert the key into the notch on the cover and twist it. This ensures that you get a nice tight seal on the controller so that everything stays waterproof.

The buttons on the Lelo Oden

After everything is all charged, you will then have to sync the Oden with it’s controller. I admit that I had a bit of a hard time with this as well, but things just never like to seem to sync for me right the first time – even my video game controllers. To sync up the ring and the controller, you first have to push the button with the “+” sign on it which activates the sync mode. After you do that there is a little symbol on the Oden that you push and that allows the controller to find it. A light will flash to indicate that the sync mode is complete. Again, I will compare this to a video game controller if you have had experience syncing the controller to a game console. One thing I didn’t mention earlier is that the controller acts as a vibrator too as well so when you turn it on by holding down the “+” button, it will begin to vibrate as well as the Oden. There are two Sensemotion settings, where you can control the vibrations by a movement of your wrist. I found this to be an art, because I had a hard time at first angling the controller correctly in the first SenseMotion mode to be able to fully operate the toy. The second one was easy because you just shake the controller. Don’t be dismayed if you have and troubles with this at all, just keep practicing. You can change the level of vibration by pushing the “+” and “-” buttons, it goes from low to very high and buzzy.

I love the material that the toy is made of – it’s extremely soft and silky silicone. There is no texture to it, the surface is extremely smooth. I feel that the design is very unique, and there are various ways you can position it around the cock. When my partner and I first used the Oden, I positioned it to where the bulb part of the toy rested on the right side of his cock and testicles, and the tail end wrapped around the base of his cock. This of coarse, gave him more stimulation than it did me (which is what I was aiming for at the time), and while I had sex with him I held the controller against my vulva to stimulate my clit. For more clitoral stimulation, I would recommend that you position the bulb of the Oden to rest on top of the the penis and have the tail curl under it (similar to the way you use most vibrating cock rings). I felt that I was stimulated the most during the Cowgirl and Missionary sex positions while using the Oden positioned this way.

I feel like the shape is great for what the toy is made to be used for, although when I first looked a picture of the toy I wouldn’t have guessed that it would be used as a cock ring. The Oden isn’t very discreet to me, it brings on a lot of curiosity just by looking at it. It is small though and very easy to hide, I can easily keep mine in my 6 X 6 inch box under my bed. Due to the size, I feel that it is very suitable for travel because it will pack easily in your suitcase. The Oden is very easy to care for, it’s made of silicone which is a non-porous material. I clean my Oden by washing it with soap and hot water and then I lay it out to dry on the side of my bath tub. I store the Oden in my small toy box under my bed for easy access for my partner and I. The Oden is not compatible with silicone based lubricants, so do not use any lube that is silicone based as it may ruin your toy.

Oden in it's packaging

The Oden came packed in the trademark Lelo packaging, which makes you feel that you are truly getting a luxury toy. When you open the cardboard paper box it comes in, it is encased in a hard cardboard box underneath, which is black and says Lelo on top. You lift the lid off and find the toy inside which rests in plush foam. The Oden came with the ring, controller, battery key, instruction manual, warranty, charger adapter, bag, and sample of Lelo lubricant. The packaging can be used as storage for the toy, I actually save my boxes and use them to store some of the various accessories that come with my toys such as chargers because my toys all end up in my toy box.

Some of the things the Oden comes with.

All in all, the Oden is a great and innovative toy. It’s not my most favorite Lelo toy that I own but it’s definitely fun because both my partner and I can enjoy it together as a couple. Just because of the complexity of it, I feel that it’s more for a long play session rather than a quick one. I prefer toys that can be used for both. I received my toy to review from the lovely Lelo. Be sure to go look at their website (Lelo) to see their extensive collection of gorgeous luxury toys.