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I’ll admit that the reason I chose this product from the woman-friendly website, Babeland was because I was pretty darn curious. I mean, it’s a vibrator pure and simple – but it’s a keychain flashlight as well!? I thought to myself “How neat would it be to have a discreet vibrator to carry around with me everywhere I go?”. I liked the idea of a discreet vibrator to have with me, it sounded fun and made me feel a little naughty. The Babeland Babelight comes in 6 different colors (blue, purple, red, pink, yellow, and green) but unfortunately customers aren’t allowed to choose what color they would like. You’ll have to kind of cross your fingers and hope you receive the color you are hoping for. I received this product for review and I still wasn’t able to select a color – I was hoping for green and got blue. If you like surprises then at least you’ll have that aspect of it!

Example of the colors available

The Babelight is definitely a discreet vibrator, I showed it to someone I knew without telling them what it was and they didn’t notice anything. They just thought that it was a little odd that the light was completely covered. The reason the light is completely covered is because the vibrator is waterproof as well. The babelight is about 3 3/4 inches long not including the keychain and about 3/4 inches wide at it’s widest point. It’s made completely of hard plastic, which means that it is made of a low porous material and does not contain phthalates. The plastic is also completely smooth on the tip and a little bit rougher on the base of the flashlight. It takes one AAA battery which is not included along with the toy. The toy does not come packaged in a box, only a small plastic bag which would make me worry a little about it being protected in shipping – but I received mine wrapped in plenty of brown packing paper. So there shouldn’t be any worries for you there. The only instructions that came with it were inside of the battery barrel, which let you know what size batteries that the vibrator took.

The Babelight as a flashlight

As a flashlight, the light isn’t extremely bright and because it’s shining through colored plastic it will be masked by that color as well and that may be part of the dimness. At times, I come home in the dark – I figured having a flashlight with me would be helpful especially if I am trying to dig keys out of my purse or trying to see to get in. I’m not really sure how well this will work for me in that case, I feel as if I would have to hold the light very close to what I am trying to see. One disappointment for me is that when you turn on the Babelight flashlight the vibrations automatically come on as well. When I first placed my order for it, I was hoping for the flashlight and vibrator to be two different settings. That way it would be a little more discreet if I had it on a keychain. Instead if I had someone turn it on, I would probably have someone look at me funny because my flashlight vibrates.

As a vibrator, the vibrations don’t seem to be too noisy. I couldn’t hear them through a door and I turned it on with the door open and the sound didn’t seem noticeable from the adjacent bathroom. The vibrations I would say to me are about a 2 to 2 1/2 on the 1 to 5 vibrations scale (1 is the lightest and 5 is the most intense) depending on how high you turn it up. For me the vibrations worked great but I didn’t feel that they were enough to bring me to climax. I feel that it will work great for me as a good warm up vibrator, which is kind of what I intended it for in the first place. The vibrations are located on the tip where the motor is located. So you will get the most out of the vibrator in that area, not on the barrel – though you can try, the vibrations from the barrel were way too light for me. Also, I did notice that if I did apply a little more pressure the vibrations were a lot more pleasurable. (Note: this vibrator is an external vibrator, not internal) I did try to use it for nipple stimulation as well and didn’t feel that it did much for me there. As far as the waterproof feature, it worked great – I took mine in the shower with me and left it hang on a rack in the shower to test the feature. I would say though – that you should make sure the cap is not on too loose or water may get inside the barrel.

Upon looking up the Babelight, I have seen a few complaints: that they are too noisy, that they die quickly, that the light heats up, and that they are not strong enough. As far as the noise goes, sure it’s a little noisy if you are to compare it to super quiet vibrators but I don’t feel like anyone should notice right away. As far as them dieing quickly, I have not had a problem with mine at all and I have given it a few uses. Though upon having the vibrator on for at least 30 mins, I did notice the light on the flashlight begin to dim. When I turned it on the next day, it was perfectly fine. Now, I did turn on the Babelight and let it sit for some time to test and see if the light heated up on me at all, I really didn’t notice a thing. I had it on for at least 30 minutes and though I did notice a slight warmth to the light it wasn’t anything overly hot. It was so slight that I had to test it a few times before I could tell. I can see how this may be a problem for those with sensitive body parts, but I had no issue with it whatsoever. Now as far as the strength of the vibrations, I could see how this could be too weak for some. As I said earlier, I feel that my use for it would best be as a warm up vibrator.

If you are looking for a serious vibrator, don’t go for the Babelight. To me, it’s inexpensive and perfect to buy as a novelty or even as a gag gift for a bachelorette party. If you are looking for an inexpensive warm up vibrator that you can take wherever you go – then I would recommend this product to you. I’ll still keep mine in my purse for when I may need it!

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