Tantus Silk Dildo

Tantus Silk Dildo in S, M, & L

I had been eying this dildo for a while now, I’ve never tried a dildo before because I would normally stick to vibrators. The more and more I looked at the Tantus products the more I wanted to try out one of their great looking products. I recently got the chance from the great sex shop Babeland to review the dildo in my choice of size. The Tantus Silk comes in three sizes on the Babeland website: Large (purple), Medium (black), and Small (pink). I chose to try out the medium size because I didn’t feel that I was ready for something too big but I didn’t want something too small either. The Medium is about 5 1/2 inches long with an 1 1/4 inch diameter. The Tantus Silk is made completely of silicone and has a nice wide base at the end making it great for anal sex and harness use. The great thing about silicone is that it is non-porous making it very hygienic and it is hypoallergenic and phthalate free. The cleaning of the dildo is very easy and you have multiple ways of cleaning it, using soap (or toy cleaner) and warm water, boiling, or bleaching the toy. I just use soap and hot water, I live with room mates so it’s not easy for me to boil my toys without being noticed. Though I would like to someday because I like the idea of giving them a through cleaning every now and then.

Image of packaging

When I got the dildo, it arrived in clear plastic packaging – to me it looked gorgeous sitting in that clear box. The packaging is also completely clean and there is nothing raunchy about it so there is nothing about the packaging to put you off about the toy. The packaging can be used as a storage box and I have been currently using it to store mine in. One thing that I did not like about the packaging is that it was terribly hard for me to get open. I felt like I had to fight with the darn box just to get to my new lovely toy!

Silk in all of it's silky smooth glory

I can see the Tantus Silk suiting beginners well for both vaginal and anal penetration, though if they are still new to either one they may want to stick to the smaller sizes. This is my very first dildo so I decided on the medium size. There is no texture what so ever to the toy, it’s silky smooth just as it’s name suggests. The dildo is also completely soft silicone, so soft that you can bend it. I feel that both of these traits will make it easy for a beginner to start out with. I am not sure that advanced users would appreciate this dildo because it’s average sized and completely smooth. They may want to opt for the large size – though it all depends on what they are looking for in a dildo and what they have in mind when it comes to it’s use. The reason I chose to try out the Silk is because I was looking for a great starter dildo for both vaginal and anal use.

An example of the softness.

As far as vaginal use, it worked great and gave me great stimulation. It works great along with a clitoral vibrator and due to the base I am able to maneuver it with ease. I also like the base because I was able to prop it up and hold it with my hand so I could straddle it and use the toy that way as well. It feel amazing and a little more natural due to the soft silicone. I had a little more trouble with anal use, but I am a bit new to anal play. The only trouble that I had is that I was only able to thrust in a quarter of the dildo, but that will probably change as I get more practice. I did not try the dildo in a harness because I have a male partner and no use for a harness as of yet. Though I do hope to eventually get my hands on a nice harness for my partner so he can use it for double penetration. That will be in our sexual future though and I know this dildo will suit my needs perfectly when the time comes. As far as using lubes, I used a water based lubricant with the toy and that worked great for me. You want to stay away from silicone lubricants because they can cause bad reactions with silicone toys.

All in all, this is a great dildo and I’m glad that I now own one of my own and I will continue to use and experiment with it. I recommend this toy and you won’t be disappointed! Go check out the great sex shop Babeland.com for the Tantus Silk and other great dildos, vibrators, sex toys, and lubricants.

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