Heart 2 Heart cuffs

Heart 2 Heart Cuffs

The Heart 2 Heart Cuffs are now one of my favorite pairs of restraints that I own. Thanks to the female friendly sex toy shop, Babeland. They were willing to send me these great cuffs in exchange for an honest review. Being a newbie to kink (I have been learning how to practice since the beginning of the year), I have just been beginning my collection of BDSM products. I can say that these restraints are a pride of my collection now. These restraints come in red and black, which look great! The red is a bold shade of “racing red” and the black has a really nice sheen to it. The restraints are beautifully crafted, and the stitching looks very well done and sturdy. They are fairly lightweight restraints, but they have survived all of my tug and pull tests that I have given them. They are made off leather and feature suede lining and adjustable buckles. The suede lining feels extremely soft and sleek and felt very comfortable on my skin.The only smell I noticed on the cuffs was that yummy leather smell, so I had no problem with that. You might if you do not like the smell of leather. Both cuffs are about 2″ inches wide and can easily fit a 6″ to 9″ inch wrist. I will say that they look extremely hot on my partner.

The suede lining on the inside of the cuffs.

Each restraint has it’s own D ring, which is used to link them together or to other restraints. If you would like to attach them together, you will need to purchase a cuff connector or two if you are wanting to attach them to other restraints such as these tether restraints. Another tip I learned from this great instructional DVD was to use bungee cords to attach the restraints to the bed or other furniture. You wrap and hook one side onto the furniture and then attach the hook on the other end to the D ring on the cuff. For safety reasons I would suggest that you make sure there are no sharp edges on the hooks of the bungee cords you choose to use.

You can see the stitching and buckle here

I can see this product suiting anyone that is into bondage, they fit both my partner and I very well. I’m a petite lady and my wrists are a little under 2 inches and they were able to fit me comfortably as well. This is including leaving space for a couple fingers to fit through so they won’t be tight on either me or my partner. Since I am petite, I could probably use these restraints on my ankles as well, though someone with bigger ankles may not be able to. One thing I do love about separate cuffs are that they are very versatile. You are able to position your partner (or the submissive) in various different ways. This is part of the reason I had wanted some so badly in the first place, especially because they are quick to undo and change your partner into a whole new position if pleased. I’m hoping to be able to get a tether kit soon to go along with my single cuffs because I feel that they would come in very handy for the bed or for use with a piece of my sex furniture.

As far as clean up goes, I would just use warm water and then wipe it with a damp cloth. If needed, you could use mild soap as well – but be careful! You don’t want to douse your nice leather toys in water. The product came packaged in a plastic blister pack with nice looking package insert. There was nothing raunchy or weird looking about the packaging. On the back there are pictures of some of the other manufacturers products, which includes another style of cuffs, a blindfold, a collar (which is next on my shopping list), and a whip. All in all I am thrilled with the product and excited that I have another pair of restraints to add to my collection. I suggest that you should get some for yours as well! You can purchase these Heart 2 Heart cuffs, or other great sex toys including dildos and vibrators on Babeland.

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