Why lie, Why cheat?

I was going to avoid posting something on this subject because I know people can go either way in their feeling towards it. After watching my friend having to go through a hard annulment, I can’t help but write a post on it. I went to my best friend’s wedding recently, paid a lot for a dress, watched and was supportive. Then 3 days after the wedding, the husband comes out and tells her that he has gotten another woman pregnant. He knew about it the whole time lied to her and cheated on her. I always knew her as a person that was open, optimistic, friendly – and I got to see her become depressed and bitter. It has really gotten to me, I mean she was giving the man everything – even paying his way through college. They were happy together and then he just went off and did something like this. She was even willing to try to work things out afterwards because she understood that humans make mistakes, but then he wouldn’t come through with his end of the bargain so she decided to get the marriage annuled. I’m really disappointed in the whole situation, I just really don’t understand people sometimes. Why lie to each other and why cheat on each other? If people care so much about each other, then why do it?

I love my partner so much and I would never dream of doing anything to hurt him. I also completely trust him not to lie or cheat on me. I’ve always been more worried that he would just up and leave me for someone else, not cheat on me. I also asked him to be honest with me from the beginning, even if he thought that it may hurt me. It’s better to get it out in the open then to hide things from each other in our relationship. So because we are like this, and though it’s not easy for me to come right out and say things, we always will remain this way and that makes me happy.

I just don’t understand people, I mean someone is going to end up hurt whether it’s the wife, the husband, or the other man or woman – someone could end up hurt. If someone is need of an open relationship – why not set this up in the beginning or sit down and talk about it? My friend even admitted that if her ex had been willing to sit down and tell her that he was interested in them being with other people, even as a couple that she would have been willing to listen and see how they could work things out. I mean I can understand that people have issues with each other and may not fully be happy, but why not stop and try to do something about it before you get to the point of no return? Why do things without thinking about the effects of on those close to you?

I don’t know, I just hate seeing people get hurt so badly – that’s what I get for being empathetic.

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