Natural Contours BonBon vibrator

The Natural Contours BonBon is a cute little brown clitoral vibrator that you can find on this great women friendly sex toy shop. The BonBon is said to be “better than chocolate” and is made up of completely smooth ABS plastic (which is non-porous and phthalate free) and measures in at 2 3/4 inches long and 2 inches wide. The BonBon has a slight curve that is made to help you sit it comfortably against your clitoris. The BonBon also goes into a rounded tip, which can be used for pin point stimulation. One neat fun fact that I learned about this vibrator is that it is part of the Natural Contours line and this toy line is headed by the female porn director Candida Royalle. The BonBon is controlled by one easy to use push button and has four speeds high, medium, low, and pulsating. It is completely splash proof and is powered by two AAA batteries.

BonBon in packaging

So did I feel that it was better than chocolate? I did! It works perfectly for clitoral stimulation and can even be used for couple play as well. This vibrator will work perfect for beginners because it is easy to use and the learning curve is very low. I’m sure it will work for advanced users as just well depending on what their preference in vibration power. I have heard from some more advanced users that the vibrations are too weak. Some may say that the vibrations may be a little too “buzzy” due to the power of the vibrator. I could see them being described as buzzy, but to me they were just right, not too strong and not too weak – good for a warm up as well as getting off. I also read in a review that they felt that the plastic was flimsy, I don’t think so. It seems strong to me, sure not as fancy as something you would see on a more expensive toy but I feel that the plastic seems great and I don’t see it breaking easily. The waterproof feature works well I didn’t have any issues with it becoming damaged when it was being washed or when I took it in the shower with me – though the instructions say that you should not fully submerge the vibrator in water.

Example of size, versus my hand.

I really like the design of the toy, I have to move it around to be able to get the right stimulation for my body and I am sure that you may need to as well because everyone’s body is different – there isn’t a toy that is made to be a perfect fit for everyone’s body. I love the little tip at the end, it really does work well for pinpoint stimulation. If I turn the BonBon upside down, I can take the tip and gently move it in an upward motion against my clit and it makes a great addition for when I fantasize about receiving oral sex. I have no issues for the size, it’s small and mostly fits into the palm of my hand. It is very discreet and travel friendly. I keep mine in the drawstring bag that comes with the toy in a small box on the nightstand next to my bed. The controls are easy to use – it’s just a push button on top – you click it once to turn it on, then click it each time to cycle through the settings and then off. As far as the noise level goes, it’s not really that noisy at all and I am sure that you wouldn’t be able to hear the vibrator through a closed door.

The drawstring bag for storing the BonBon

The vibrator is very easy to take care of, I just clean mine using mild soap and warm water. Storage is easy because the BonBon comes with a drawstring bag that you can keep it in for storage. The packaging for the BonBon is very nice, it is a small clear box that you push open and it reveals the toy. There is nothing cheap, tacky, or gross about the look of the package and it helps to give a good impression about the toy when you first see it. It does come with instructions and they are straight forward and very easy to understand.

All in all, I love the BonBon, it’s great quality the ABS plastic that it is made out of is smooth and comfortable. The toy is very easy to use, clean and store. I recommend the toy and if you are interested in getting a BonBon of your own, go check out While you are at it, be sure to check out their great selection of women friendly toys, DVDs, and lubricants.