I decided to test out a type of product I had never tried before recently for PinkCherry.com Sex Toys. The product was the Shunga Oriental Body Slide Massage Kit in the Strawberries and Champagne scent. It’s a way to give you and your partner a slippery and wet ride that involves massages and possibly sexy fun. The kit includes 2 bottles labeled #1 and #2, instructions, and a large foil looking waterproof sheet that has a gold and silver side. To use the product, you combine the whole bottle of the #1 solution and the whole bottle of the #2 solution in a huge bowl and then add — of lukewarm water to the mix. When you are done you will have just made 1 gallon of massage gel to use on you and your partner. Now in the instructions, it instructs you to pick a large area in your house and either lay down a thick blanket or a mattress like platform, roll up four towels and lay them on each side of your platform and then cover it with the large waterproof sheet. Ta da! You now have your platform set up for a full body massage – heck you guys can even try out some massage gel wrestling if it suits your fancy!

The instructions are actually pretty easy to follow, they are straight forward and contain both text and images. It goes over the steps of

The Instructions

making the massage gel, setting up your area to play, and then some. There is a lot to them, but they are still very easy to follow. My partner and I set up in our bath area because we had enough room in there. I chose that partially because I figured when we were done, we could just jump straight into the bath tub to clean off. I laid down our Liberator Throe first because of the waterproof aspect and then laid down the rolled up towels around the edges. I rolled up a blanket because it was more plush to put in place of where our heads would be. We then laid down the foil sheet with the silver side up because we both felt that the gold side was a little too intense and in your face. Though I noticed later during clean up that the gold side was a bit like a mirror so if you would like that during your play time, I suggest using the gold side!

All that the kit includes

I then set out to making the massage gel, I used my huge baking bowl that had the pour spout on on one side because I figured we could just pour it over each others bodies. I was only planning on making only half the bottles because to me a whole gallon of gel sounded like a lot but to be honest when you really get going, it’s not a lot at all. So I made the whole gallon of massage gel for us to play with. I just used my hands to mix the products. I was surprised when the gel was done, it was think and it would wiggle when you moved it kind of like jello. So when I began to use it on my partner, I felt almost as if I was pouring thin Jell-O on him. The gel came out a pretty pink color and smelled absolutely wonderful, it wasn’t a strong smell. I was a little worried that because the scent was called “Strawberries & Champagne” that it would be a little overpowering. It wasn’t at all, it smelled wonderful and relaxing.

So when we used it, we took turns – I gave him a nice full body massage by rubbing my body all over his. He seemed to absolutely love it. After I was done with him he gave me a massage using his hands and body. I loved it except that by then the gel and bathroom had gotten pretty cold so I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I could have. I think next time, the summer might be a better time to use this product – not close to the winter time. Due to the cold, we didn’t get any further than massages and jumped into a warm bath right after.

I tried looking, but I could not find the ingredients of the product. It does say in the instructions that it is not to be used on sensitive skin and if it causes irritation to wash under water. Another warning is that it is extremely slippery so you do want to avoid standing up on the surface that you have created. As far as clean up goes, it was pretty easy to clean all of the gel off in the tub and it didn’t seem to leave any residue. I just balled up the waterproof sheet and dumped the little bit of gel that was left over. It was easy to clean out of the mixing bowl as well.

All in all, I loved this product it was very fun and unique. To me the pro is that you and your partner will be able to experience a great unique intimate experience with each other. The con is that it takes time to set up and clean up, so you’ll want to set aside the time for it.

I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars:

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