Repetition, my new pet peeve

I realized lately that I have been getting frustrated with my partner for the same thing over and over again. I feel like I have to repeat myself to him a little too often. Though this never bothered me before, ever since he and I have moved in together it has been a huge pet peeve of mine and I don’t know why. This morning it happened again, and I felt horrible because I snapped at him. I really hate getting frustrated with him because I know it makes him feel bad and it makes me feel bad. Sometimes I feel like I am just being a harpy because I am upset with him. I don’t know if it’s because I now have to repeat myself like that during my work time that it’s getting to be too much at home too. I just hate having to re-tell him things sometimes and it’s the main thing he does that really bothers me sometimes.

I really don’t think there is a cure for it, so I need to figure out how to make myself get over it. I mean whenever I have to repeat myself with him I get a little tinge of annoyance and really want to say “I’ve told you this before, Why are you making me repeat myself?” Plus, I understand that he is busy with college as well so I am sure he has his mind elsewhere just as much as I do sometimes. I don’t know, I just need to figure out how to get over it. I just feel like such a harpy because I have been getting annoyed with him over something as small as this.

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