Hormones and Biological Clock ticking

So I just found out today that another one of my friends is going to have a baby. It’s that time of the month for me so I have my hormones bouncing around like crazy and then suddenly as soon as I hear that, my biological clock starts ticking away again. It seems to do that every once in a while now. It’s done that more than usual now that my partner and I have moved in together. So once that happened, I ended up having a huge urge to go home and have sex with my partner and have him finish inside me so I can get pregnant. Of coarse, I couldn’t do it right that second anyways because I am on birth control so that kind of throws a wrench into that plan too.

I have three friends that are having babies and more than that I know are getting married. Here I am, halfway to 30, I’m not married, I’m not going to or planning on having children anytime soon. I’m still working on  getting through college and so is my partner. I really don’t want to have kids anytime soon so when we do finally decide to have children, I will probably be in my 30′s. I guess part of me feels like I am moving too slow compared to others and that I need to keep up. It’s just weird,  but I’ll probably feel differently next week when my hormones calm down.

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