Flexi Felix review

Flexi Felix

The last time I went out for a walk, I managed to catch a wiggly worm known as Flexi Felix near a Babeland store. Want to know more about Flexi Felix, you say? Well, Flexi Felix is a 12 inch long set of anal beads, only 10 inches of that length are insertable. He comes in three colors, hot pink, light blue, and black. It’s made of pure 100% silicone and are hatched by Fun Factory. The smallest bead at the very end of it’s tail is about 3/4 of an inch and then they gradually get bigger. The biggest bead under Flexi Felix’s head is about and inch wide. Felix’s head is the handle of the beads and is a little over 2 inches wide, each eye hole makes the grip for the handle. I really like that the handle is wider and has the two hole to grip on, I feel that it makes it a bit easier to hold onto and remove comfortably. Felix is a nice lightweight and strong toy, I did the pull and stretch test on him so I am sure he will not tear or break. Flexi Felix is completely smooth and has no texture at all except for the rippling beads. The beads add great stimulation to your sensitive anus due to the ripple of the beads when you insert them and pull them out.. It’s rather fun!

Flexi Felix is my first set of anal beads, I have received anal pleasure from the use of plugs and from my partner. I do enjoy it, so I decided to try beads to see if they were for me. The first reason I chose Felix is because he isn’t intimidating looking at all. I mean, look at him – he’s just too cute to pass up. The second reason is that he is made of 100% silicone, which means that he is easy to clean and can be sanitized easily. You can clean him using mild soap and water, stick him in the dishwasher, or even boil him for 5 minutes. Silicone is non-porous so you won’t have to worry about any bacteria getting soaked up. The third reason is because he looked completely sleek and smooth – because I wasn’t interested in putting anything with texture on it in my butt. The forth reason is because of the difference in size, it starts out below an inch and goes up to an inch. My partner and I have been interested in prostate stimulation, so I chose this toy because I could put something in him that wasn’t too huge and once he was ready for something bigger I could insert the next bead.

close up of handle

smallest beads in comparison to my hand

A friend told me at one time that she enjoys beads over plugs or toys sometimes because she doesn’t feel as if she needs to compensate. This makes sense to me for this toy, because the beads are more ovular shaped instead of perfect round circles. For me, this made the toy easier to insert because they felt a bit more sleek. Flexi Felix is a great first anal toy for someone ready to explore anal pleasure because it’s smooth and squishy and the beads start small and go bigger – allowing you to adjust to having different size toys in your butt. This toy was the first toy I ever used for anal stimulation on my partner, he had no complaint about them whatsoever and told me that they even felt natural because of the smooth silicone. Natural meaning that it was almost like they were made to be up there.

When I first used the toys it was a little hard to get them in because of the small strings in between the beads. I had to try my best to hold them erect so that I could insert them easily. Once I got two in, I didn’t have a problem whatsoever. Be sure to use plenty of lubricant as well when you are practicing any kind of anal stimulation so you won’t cause harm to your body. When I say “use plenty”, I mean use plenty and be sure to add more lubricant during use so the beads won’t dry out.

As far as packaging and instructions, Felix came in great, easy to open packaging, just as all Fun Factory toys do. Though it really didn’t come with a whole lot in the way of instructions, I already knew how to properly use anal beads before I bought the toy, but for those brand new that don’t have any knowledge – then they may be at a loss. Though anal beads are pretty straightforward when it comes to use. I store my Flexi Felix in a lockable storage case. Silicone can tend to be a bit of a lint magnet so you may have to rinse it in between uses.


The final verdict: I love Flexi Felix and I am glad to have him in my toy collection, it’s smooth and squishy. I have had no problem when it has come to use. You can use the beads solo or with your partner (you can even have your partner remove them during intercourse). He is easy to clean and worth the money. I’ll admit, I am not a huge fan of the cutesy toys because I always feel like I shouldn’t be using it for sexual purposes but I am glad I got past that with this toy – he’s worth it. I found the toy very pleasurable, so I highly recommend him!


Go search around your Babeland Toy store and try to find your own Felix – while you are there be sure to shop around their great toy collection.

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