Erogenous Zones: Head and Neck

Dangerous Lilly started a series on her blog to talk about erogenous zones. If you are unsure of what erogenous zones are, they are areas of your body with heightened sensitivity, that when stimulated can cause you to become turned on. The first post is centered around your head and neck, I decided that I would participate and answer her question about what mine are.

The most sensitive area on my head is the back of my head, I love when my partner softly touches my head and it’s not any part – it has to be under my hair and on the scalp. It always gives me a tingly feeling that I can feel throughout my body. I always melt when he does it, it feels so good. For me, this is what would make me truly submissive to him. I melt like butter and feel as if I have no control over my body, so he could take me anyway he wanted to. I also enjoy hair pulling, especially when the grip is close to my scalp – not way out on the ends of my hair. It’s one of my favorite things for him to do in the middle of sex or even during foreplay. I agree with Dangerous Lilly when she mentioned on her blog that hair pulling is an art when done right.

As far as my neck goes, I enjoy soft kisses along the sides of my neck and the back of my neck. One of my favorite things for him to do is nibble and nip at the part on the sides of my neck that connects my neck to my shoulders. That is a huge zone for me and I love it, it can either tickle or just feel so damn good I want to jump him. It’s a major turn on for me. I also enjoy licking and sucking on my neck as well, it just feels so pleasurable. The only thing is I have to make sure that my partner remembers not to do anything to leave a hickey – which can take the fun out of it for me. It’s just because of the job I do – I can’t be seen with a hickey on my neck and I hate wearing turtle necks. They are so uncomfortable.

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