Erogenous Zones: The Face

The face is number two in Dangerous Lilly’s current writing prompt series focusing on Erogenous Zones. If you are curious about it, check out her blog and join in!

As far as my face goes, my lips are the most sensitive part on my face. I love kissing my partner and feeling his lips against mine. Though I love just as much to feel different parts of his body against my lips as well. I love the feel of his skin when I kiss or lick his neck, ears (one of his major erogenous zones), chest, and stomach. I like to nibble and nip from time to time with my teeth as well. The second erogenous zone of my face are my cheeks, if my partner brushes them softly it can give me the shivers. I love having them kissed and caressed. I don’t know if you can count the ears in for the face, but I love to have my ear lobes nibbled at times. It can tickle as well as pleasure me.

My eyes aren’t one for me, but like Dangerous Lilly mentions – seeing is arousing me to as well. I enjoy looking at my partner as well as touching him. I also have a mild voyeuristic tendencies, so I enjoy watching him work as well as others at times. I never thought about it until Dangerous Lilly mentioned it – I have to close my eyes to fully concentrate on my pleasure as well. Or else at times I feel like I can’t achieve climax and I know for sure that I can’t if my mind is wandering off elsewhere. This has always been my dilemma from time to time. My world can be fast paced from time to time, I am a college student, I work 2 jobs, I run a blog, I have errands to run, and I have chores to do. So I am busy busy busy and it has been hard for me to figure out how to focus my mind at times during sex. Closing my eyes definitely helps and if I can manage to get lost in the moment, that helps as well.

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