Erogenous Zones 3: Hands and Feet

Part 3 in Dangerous Lilly’s erogenous zones writing prompts. Be sure to join in, I’m interested to read what people have to say!

As far as my hands go, they aren’t a major erogenous zone area for me. I like being able to touch with them and feel every inch of my partner’s body. I like to touch myself with them as well. Giving my partner a hand job is fun and erotic, and something my hands enjoy. Feeling with them is a major turn on for me and that is the main thing. Though I do like when my partner lightly touches the palm of my hand and fingers with the tip of his finger. My palms are very sensitive so I get and intense ticklish feeling that can be too much sometimes but I love the feeling. I do often hold hands with my partner when we are out in public, but that is more of a symbol of being together. My partner loves when I suck on his fingers, but for me – I really don’t get anything out of it when mine are sucked on.

My feet, well there is really nothing about them that turns me on. I’m painfully ticklish on the bottom of my feet so that isn’t really a turn on for me. I don’t like my feet being licked, kissed, or sucked on. I do like getting my feet massaged though, when I work I can be on my feet alot – so I great foot massage works wonders. I do like to spoil myself from time to time and get a pedicure, but that is about it. Nothing erotic about them really….

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