Over the Door Jam cuffs

Door Jam Cuffs and Packaging

I was pretty thrilled to get a chance to review the Over the Door restraint cuffs from the great shop, Babeland Toys. I could finally fulfill my fantasy of being strung up and played with. I’ll start off by first telling you about the toy. The are designed to be put over the top or under your door, depending on whether or not you would like to use them as wrist or ankle restraints. They are manufactured by Sportsheets. The cuffs are made of soft silky feeling fleece and are opened and closed by Velcro straps. The cuffs are attached to 8 inch nylon straps that are strong and sturdy. The straps are attached to small hollow plastic tubes, which is made to hold the cuffs in place on the door. They are very easy to use, you just open the door, place the strap over or under the door and then close the door. Instant door restraints!

Cuffs in Use - picture from Babeland.com

When it comes to this toy, for me – there are pros and cons. I’ll admit the first time I used these cuffs, I was a little disappointed. I’m a petite woman, only a half an inch away from being 5 feet tall. So the straps were barely too short for me – forcing me to stand a little on my toes. I had feared this when I first opened the box and noticed that the straps did not look that long at all and then adding in the height of the doors in our house. So a huge con for me is that the straps are not adjustable. I wish they were so I could easily adjust them to fit both me and my partner equally as well. So, my choices to fix this issue is to either wear heels or stand on a step stool. So unfortunately for me (without modifications) it is hard for me to stand using these for a long period of time and stay comfortable. The pros are that they are sturdy, comfortable around the wrists and ankles, and they are very portable if you want to travel with them. Another pro for me is that even though they don’t fit me properly, they at least fir my partner (he is a little under 6 feet tall). So even though it doesn’t work for me, I can at least use them to restrain him for play. He didn’t seem to really have any issue with them at all either as far as discomfort.

Close up of tube

All in all, my impressions of this toy aren’t as high as I was hoping them to be. It may be because my expectations were very high in the beginning. Being too short for the toy didn’t help, but they work great as ankle restraints for me. Adding heels to the mix does look sexy, but I am not always in the mood to stand for a while in them. We didn’t try to use them like the picture on the cover of the box, where the man in standing and holding the woman up. I didn’t feel comfortable trying that at all, plus I don’t know how sturdy the doors are – you definitely want to make sure the doors aren’t going to pop open on you if you are planning on using the product that way. The material that the cuffs are made out of is great and though I didn’t not put much strain on the product, it still seems nice and sturdy.

Safety side note: As this is a BDSM toy, be sure to use the correct safety pre-cautions. Your partner’s arms will be above thier head, so be sure to check their circulation in their hands and feet from time to time. You don’t want to stop circulation in any way, so be sure to make sure they aren’t restrained too tight either. Safe words are good as well, so you have a way of expressing that you are feeling discomfort if you don’t want to go right out and say the exact words for fear of ruining the mood.

I know I will keep playing with the cuffs to see what I can do with them, so I am not completely turned off by them. I may end up loving them more than I think I will.


If you don’t mind really dorky acting, you can watch this video from Sportsheets.com that demonstrates the use of the cuffs here.

Want some of your own? Go get them from the great woman friendly sex shop, Babeland.com!