Chippendale’s Diva vibrator review

The Chippendale's Diva

What is sleek, shiny, silver and black all over? It’s the Chippendale’s Diva vibrator from Babeland sex toys. The Diva is a fancy luxury vibe and you can tell it’s a luxury just by looking at it. I am thrilled that I was given the chance to review it! The Diva is made of smooth ABS plastic and measures in at 5 inches long. Each end of the vibrator is about 2 1/2 inches wide. One end is the battery compartment, which is opened by pulling off the end cap. It holds 3 AAA batteries and they are very easy to insert and remove (you insert them on top of the ribbon, so you can use the ribbon to help remove them). If you’re like me and you don’t keep AAA batteries on hand, you may want to stock up on them so you can keep them on hand for this toy! The other end of the Diva hold the motor, which is also where the vibrations originate from and then radiate out throughout the toy. This side is referred to as the “pleasure point” and is the side you will set against the area of the body that you want to stimulate. It is controlled by two buttons, the “+” which both turns on and strengthens the vibrations. The “-” which weakens the vibrations and turns it off. If you hold the “+” button for 2 seconds to change through the stimulation modes. There are 8 different modes and they consist of separate continuous, pulsating, and roller coaster (starts slow and speeds up) vibrations in various speeds and patterns.

The Diva and it's silky storage case.

The Diva also has a little LED light that will shine red when you push a button. It also has a convenient locking function so you can travel with it and not have to worry about it turning on. That will save you from having to think up some story to tell someone about why your bag is vibrating. The Diva is made for external stimulation; it works great for both solo and couple use. The pleasure point end fits naturally against the vulva and also has a small nub to help with pinpoint stimulation. The shape of the vibrator reminds me of a bean shape and the outward curve fits ergonomically in your hand. The inward curve fits against your vulva, breast, neck, arms, or legs. Holding it in the middle, the ends make for a great back massager due to the curved shape.

Control buttons

I love the design of the Diva, it looks completely luxurious due to the shiny and sleek smooth surface of the toy. It is also adorned with a ring of shiny silver. I got the Diva in black, but you also have the choice of white. The surface is completely smooth with no textures – so it’s great for those looking for a textureless external vibrator. The vibration strength varies, so depending on your preference you can choose anywhere from very light to super strong. The controls are very easy to manage and I had no trouble using the toy. It’s not very noisy at all, so I can use it in my room without any worry of my room mate hearing it through a closed door. It’s made of ABS plastic and that is very easy to care for, you just clean it using mild soap and water. It’s only splash proof though, so do not submerge it completely in water.

Bottom side

My impression: I’m always thrilled to be able to try out new and innovative toys. I love this one, it’s design is great and easy to use. I found it both pleasurable during solo and couples use. My partner and I did try to use it during foreplay and I was able to fit it between us during sex in the missionary position and it is also easy to hold and keep in place in other positions as well. I liked it best during sex when we were in missionary with me lying on my stomach and I was able to lay on top of it. You have to position it just right though so it doesn’t press against your pubic bone. I highly recommend the Diva, it’s now my favorite external vibrator that I own. It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth it because I have definitely gotten a lot of use out of it and it’s nice and durable so I don’t see it going out on me anytime soon.


I highly recommend the Chippendale’s Diva and if you would like one of your own, go to and get one. Be sure to check out all of their sex toys, lubricants, and books while you are there as well.

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