The bra

Lacey Bra Set


Set: lacey bra, gartered thong, and stockings

The packaging

This month I chose to review this gorgeous lingerie set from this sex toy shop. The set includes a soft bra, gartered thong, and matching stockings. The color of the set is gorgeous, I have a soft spot for things in the teal or turquoise color. The set is made up of mostly made up of soft black lace and edged with turquoise fabric or elastic. The back of the packaging does say that the set is made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex. The bra is comprised of two black stretch lace cups (without underwire) that are at least 5 inc

The bra

hes wide, turquoise elastic straps (that tie together to form a halter top and around the back, similar to a bikini). The underline of the bust is about 28 inches around. The thong and garter are attached together; with the garter going around the top of the panties. The garter straps stretch and are adjustable. The straps have the rubber and loop type of clip to attach to the top portion of your stockings. The garter is about 32 inches around the hips and has a decent amount of stretch. The crotch area of the thong is made up of the black lace and edged with turquoise fabric. The stockings are such a gorgeous vivid turquoise with sexy black lace tops.

The lingerie set in one size only, which I normally try to stray away from because the tops usually will feel too big and the bottoms either fit right or are too small. I’m a petite lady with wide hips and what I call a “J.Lo butt”, my measurements are:

    Bust: 34 1/2″
    Waist: 28″
    Hips: 36

gartered thong

I loved the look of this set, so I threw aside my qualms with “one size” lingerie and decided to try out this set. I was thrilled when I tried on the bra because it seemed to fit right. My breasts are pretty much similar to the model’s on the packaging. Though normally I prefer a little bit more support, the bra fit comfortably and looked very sexy. If you prefer a lot of support in your bra, then you will probably not like the bra because

it is soft and has no underwire, the only support that you get is the elastic that goes around the underbust, When I tried on the gartered thong, I was a bit disappointed. It fit but it felt pretty small to the point where it was a little tight in the crotch area. I noticed that the crotch area barely covered anything as well. This is such a pretty thong, but it made me feel a little more on the chubby side not sexy. I also assumed that the stockings would be thigh highs, to the point where maybe they met at the middle of my thigh. I’m only 5 feet tall and they only seemed to make it to maybe 3 – 3 1/2 inches above my knee. Which is technically thigh high, I know – but I was hoping for something higher. They are quite comfortable stockings though, they are sleek and soft feeling and the lace is comfortable as well.

As far as sizing goes, I would say that I am a M/L right now and the bra fit fine but the gartered thong was a bit tight. Which could have been due to my “J.Lo booty”.  I felt that the fabric was quite comfortable – everything was soft and not scratchy.

gorgeous stockings

I really don’t think that you will be disappointed with the set as a whole, but it might fit better if you are a medium size maybe even bordering on the large size. I’m working on an exercise/healthier eating routine – so I am hoping when I get down to my weight goal that the set will fit a lot better. I’m a bit disappointed that the only part of the set my partner has been able to see me in is the bra. I’ve been too nervous to try and wear the gartered thong around him. I’m sure he’ll find me beautiful – but I can’t feel sexy if it is making me feel a little self-conscious.

The cleaning directions on the set says to hand wash and hang dry it. If you’re a lingerie lover/collector – you may want to stick to the directions. You can hand wash in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. It will help to keep your lingerie looking better longer. I did test this set by machine washing it in cold water and dried it in the low heat setting. The set came out still looking great. I didn’t notice anything wrong with them and the fit hadn’t changed any either. When it comes to storing the set, I store mine in it’s own spot in the dresser. I have a separate box inside a drawer to keep some of my lingerie and panties in.

If you would like to try out the set for yourself, then go and purchase it from EdenFantasys, where you can purchase other great lingerie and sex toys.

Be sure to use the code “F5W” to get 10% off your entire order!

product picture
$20.99Lacey bra set
Bra, gartini and stockings set by Leg Avenue
Material: Nylon
Buy from EdenFantasys
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

Wanton Wednesday: A Little Show


So this is my first Wanton Wednesday post and I can say that I am pretty excited about it, sure my first doesn’t really show much but this is more than I have shown in my last “HNT”. So here it is just a little peek of my stockings while I am laying on my posh liberator throe! I’m hoping to have some better pictures for next time!

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