Icicles No. 8

It’s the perfect season for a nice Icicle treat! That is why I am lucky enough to review the Icicles No. 8 from Erotic Toy Town. The Icicles No. 8 is a gorgeous glass wand that can be used for clitoral stimulation and both vaginal and anal penetration. The Icicles No. 8 is part of a line of Icicles glass dildos by Pipedream Toys. The Icicles No. 8 has about 6 inches of insertable length. The smallest point on the toy is about an inch wide and the largest part on the toy is about an inch and a half. The toy is absolutely gorgeous, some glass toys I have seen don’t look as pretty as the pictures but this one does. It has a ripple wave down the shaft of the dildo and in the shaft it has a twisting bold blue down the middle similar to a marble. That opalescent sheen that you see on it, is just as pretty in person as it is in the picture. This dildo is so pretty, I wish that I could leave it out on a shelf as a piece of art. It is made of Pyrex glass, which is sturdy and not easily breakable. It is body safe and non-porous. You can also use it for temperature play, by placing it in hot or cold water because it will take to the temperature of the water.

Close Up of Tip

The Icicles No. 8 can be used for clitoral stimulation, I liked having it cold and lightly rubbing it against my clit for stimulation. It works great for vaginal stimulation and I feel that it would make a great first glass dildo for those looking into trying a glass dildo for the first time. It’s small on one end and you can insert the bulb end vaginally if you want to try a bit more girth. I wish I had this toy for my first glass toy because I may have warmed up to glass toys a lot sooner than I had in the beginning. The first toy I had ever tried was way too uncomfortable because glass is a hard material, it can be a bit unforgiving at times. Due to the size of the toy and the ripples, it is very comfortable for me and feels great when inserted vaginally. Be sure to use plenty of lubricant with the toy so it will remain comfortable during use. I usually use water based lubricants but you can also use silicone lubricants with glass toys as well if that is your preference. You will definitely need to make sure you use lube if you want to use this toy anally. I have not yet tried to use this anally, but to me it seems as if it would make a great anal toy. It has a nice rippling down the shaft that seems like it would work great for probing. I am sure I will try this toy anally eventually but I am not yet used to using glass toys anally yet. I haven’t gotten myself to a good comfort level with them compared to my silicone toys. Though if you do use it anally, I would suggest that you only insert the shaft end of the toy because that will give the toy a flared base. If you insert it the other way, it would lose the flared base that it needs as a safety mechanism so you don’t lose your toy. Also, due to the hardness of the glass, I would be careful during thrusting. The tip of the shaft is not very wide but could still hurt or bruise your cervix if you are not careful.
I love the glass material, but it certainly is something I need to be in the mood for. This toy is hard, smooth, and takes to whatever the room temperature may be very easily. It also has a ripple wave down the shaft. I admit that the waves aren’t a very prominent feeling during vaginal use but it does add some extra texture during use which is very stimulating. Though, I do see it as a plus that the texture is not extremely prominent because it helps with comfort. A plus is that due to the hardness of the material, it may be helpful for g-spot stimulation if you need a harder toy for that. I think the design is great, it looks gorgeous. The bulbed end makes it easy to hold onto as a handle, even while lubed up. I did not try inserting the bulbed end vaginally because I am not ready for that kind of girth, so I am unsure how the shaft end fares as a handle. I feel the size is great, not too big and not too small. I do feel that the size is suitable for average toy users. I don’t feel that the toy is very discreet at because of the uniqueness of the toy. It catches attention very well because of the beauty and shape, it had me eyeing it the second I saw it on the website. I do feel there is a possibility that you could travel with this toy, but you want to be careful not to let it bang around too much. If it chips for some reason you can no longer use it for safety reasons.

On black Background, can see bulbed end better.

To clean the toy, I use mild soap and hot water. At times, I will feel the sink up with hot water and let it soak for a few minutes before cleaning it. You can even put the toy in the dishwasher as well because that will not hurt it in any way. If you like to use Toy Cleaner products, you can even use those as well on this dildo. The reason I love glass is partly because of how easy they are to care for and the fact that it is non-porous so you won’t have to worry about it holding in any bacteria after use. For my glass toys I prefer to store them in a drawstring bag so they don’t bump up against anything else in my toy box. Unfortunately, this glass toy did not come with a bag like some of mine have in the past. So I am thinking I may just make one myself to store it in eventually. I store all of my toys in a lockable toy chest I bought a while back.

In packaging

The Icicles No. 8 was packaged in a simple box, that was white with nothing but the name and the picture on the box. There weren’t any weird or raunchy images that might detract from the appearance. On the front of the box is a flap that you can lift up to see the actually toy through a clear window in the package and on the inside of the flap is some information about the toy. It mentions that each of the glass wands are hand blown and unique. The glass is completely hypoallergenic and as long as you care for it properly it will last you a lifetime. There are even instructions on the flap for heating or cooling the toy. When you open the box, the wand comes placed in the middle of a type of Styrofoam packaging. You could keep the box and Styrofoam for packaging purposes as well, though I don’t normally because of space issues.

All in all, I absolutely love this toy, it’s size is great, the texture is great, and my partner even got excited looking at it because he immediately wanted to use it on me. You can heat it by running it under warm water or placing it in the microwave or cool it by putting it under cold water or in the freezer. I will tell you I have not once tried putting my glass toys in the microwave or the freezer. The reason being, I don’t feel that they are as easily controllable for me. I prefer placing mine in a bowl of cold or warm water for a few minutes so it will warm or cool it. That helps me to get it to the perfect temperature I am hoping for. I also prefer it because if my partner and I want to do temperature play and use the wand as a back massager too – we can have the bowls next to the area we are playing in. I enjoyed using this wand during both masturbation and partner play. At first I was nervous because the last time I let my partner use a glass toy on me, it was a bit uncomfortable. This time, there was no discomfort what so ever – and I feel that is due to the size and the smooth texture of this wand. During play, the wand and some clitoral stimulation works wonders to give my body exactly what it needs. I also like how well the wand stayed lubricated during use after lube was applied.


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