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The Expert Guide to Female Orgasms DVD Review


The Expert Guide to Female Orgasms is one of Tristan Taormino’s educational DVDs in her “Expert Guide” series. This DVD was sent to me by the sex toy shop, EdenFantasys. This DVD is all about female pleasure, achieving an orgasm and how to get there. The DVD runs for an hour and 51 minutes. I feel that the DVD will be helpful for those who are starting out sexually, those who would like to help their partner understand how to help them achieve an orgasm, or those just plain struggling with achieving their orgasms. The DVD has an informational movie guided by Tristan Taormino, but it also features short videos covering safe sex, kegel exercises, and a vibrator guide – which are all also very informative. There are no voice overs during the sex scenes like past Taormino videos. The DVD also features a wide variety of actors and actresses. The main movie starts with Tristan giving an “Orgasm Workshop”. In the workshop she gives a lot of information as well as shows the various actors and actresses giving their opinions about the female orgasm. I love that Tristan is sure to make an emphasis on how every woman’s body and orgasms are different – which means that we women don’t all work and feel the same way.

Ms. Taormino also gives information about the sexual arousal stages a women’s body goes through: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and then resolution. Though that does not mean that all of those stages are clearly defined and it doesn’t always work the same way every time. She also even mentions that we should look at the whole picture, and think about our emotions, feelings, psychological/spiritual aspects that come out for us during sex. The types of orgasms are covered: uterine, clitoral, vaginal, blended, and g-spot. Ms. Taormino does make a point to mention that the orgasm classifications may make it tricky because there is no absolute way to tell what was what and it can feel different each time. So it is better, to put more emphasis on the different ways that a woman can receive pleasure. Such as clitoral stimulation, vulva/vaginal, g-spot, cervix, anal, and a combination of stimulation. She puts an emphasis on lubricant because even though your mind is ready, it doesn’t mean that your body necessarily is. Ms. Taormino covers the basics of lubricant and then goes on to give tips about clitoral, vaginal, g-spot, and anal orgasms. She mentions that the mind is a huge part of sex and that even stress can cause issues. She ends her workshop by giving an “Orgasm Challenge” which includes experimentation and sharing your likes and dislikes with your partner.
After the workshop, the DVD goes into the sex scenes. Each couple scene starts out with an interview and then it goes into the sex scene. The first couple shown is Katie St. Ives and Sean Micheals, what I liked about them is that you can tell that they have great chemistry already from their interviews. Katie starts off her interview by talking about how her body works and her and Sean talk about the connection they have with each other, and I love how they also joke around. Once it goes into the scene starts off with sensual kissing, then it features cunnilingus, fellatio, and various sex positions. There is sex toy use shown. You can tell that they have a connection with each other and they talk to each other during sex.

The next couple is Evanni Solei and Evan Stone. I will admit now that I am not a huge fan of Evan Stone, just something about him looks dirty and skeezy to me, so it makes it hard for me to get into any scenes that he is in. I will say that I liked their scene a lot though, it seemed sensual and sweet. During the interview Evan Stone jokes around a lot and Evanni mentions that communication is very important to help achieve the orgasms. The scene starts off with very slow sensual touching and kissing, it’s very sexy. This scene also shows cunnilingus and vibrator use. For some reason, I feel that this scene feels short compared the others.

The third scene is between Madison Young and Jiz Lee. I love Madison Young, I think she is such a cutie. I am envious of her because she mentions in her interview the many ways that she can have an orgasm. During part the their scene, Madison would purr like a kitty or bark like a puppy, which I thought was cute because it showed how playful sex can be. I am a bit bi-curious but not a lot so I don’t watch a whole lot of lesbian videos. So I don’t know if I can really compare it, but to me it seemed that they had great chemistry. This scene also showed cunnilingus and vibrator use, but it also showed dildo use and hand stimulation. It was a great example of safe sex, because they both wore gloves during the hand stimulation.

The fourth scene featured Dylan Ryan and Mr. Marcus – I liked in the interview how Dylan Ryan seems so sure of her body and what she needs. She talked about the first time she had an orgasm and then talked about how she is able to achieve an orgasm through both masturbation and sex -and talks about what kind of stimulation she needs to do so. She also talks about what stimulation she needs to cause herself to reach female ejaculation. I also like how Mr. Marcus mentions that every woman is different and how it is important to find out what the woman needs. The scene is similar to the others as it features, cunnilingus and dildo use. I also enjoyed seeing Mr. Marcus pull Dylan Ryan’s hair – I love hair pulling. You are also able to witness Dylan Ryan ejaculate in the video, which I feel is great because you can visually see what it’s like. Plus some guys (like my partner) and gals don’t understand what it is, and where is comes from. Though I feel it important to add that not all women achieve ejaculation or enjoy that type of stimulation.

The last scene features James Deen and Adrianna Nicole. I absolutely love both Adrianna and James. They are both great looking actors and I like how they look normal and not all fake and plasticized. They have really good chemistry together and work great in their scene. James is really funny and seems like an everyday normal guy. Adrianna talks about the first time that she had an orgasm. She mentions how she likes to make an afternoon of masturbating (just like me!). She also mentions that it is easier for her to orgasm through anal sex. James also mentions that his favorite part is being able to watch a woman orgasm. The scene features cunnilingus, fellatio, vibrator use, butt plug use, and also has a bit of hair pulling. Most of the scene involved anal sex, which I was glad to see included so women and men can understand and see all the different ways that a woman can achieve an orgasm.

The DVD menus are well designed, easy to navigate and understand. As I mentioned there are special features, that include the informative “Safer Sex”, “Kegel Exercises”, and “Vibrator Guide”. The Safer Sex video goes over safe sex and why it is important. The Kegel Exercise video covers what kegel exercises are, how they are helpful, and how to do them. The Vibrator Guide goes over the various types of vibrators available to purchase. There is a “Masturbation Montage” that pretty much shows the various stars masturbating – this would be helpful to some women if they are looking to experiment and figure out new ways to stimulate themselves. There is also a “Behind the Scenes” feature that shows the stars behind the scenes.
For me, the pros of this DVD is that there is a wide variety of actors and actresses. They are all natural looking and seem as if they are normal people. I loved that the whole movie focused completely on how the woman is receiving pleasure, all but one of the scenes seemed to end after the woman had an orgasm. I loved that safe sex was emphasized in the video, condoms were used (even on the sex toys) and gloves were used. Lubricants were also shown being used as well during sex toy use and anal sex. The DVD did truly show that all women are different and that their bodies work differently. I don’t feel that the DVD’s information was as beneficial to me because I knew a lot of it already, but I did still enjoy it and it helps to give me and my partner new ideas and tricks to use.

I really didn’t find any huge cons about the DVD, but one thing I did notice was that most of the sex toys that were used in the video were huge. Which I am sure worked great for the stars in the video, but that may be intimidating for some women. Though there is a little bit of variety in the video, there isn’t a lot of kink included besides a little bit of hair pulling and then in the Jiz and Madison scene, Jiz smacks Madison’s butt a bit.

If you would like to see screen caps from the DVD, click “more” at the end.


I highly recommend the video though, you can find it at EdenFantasys – just click the image below. Be sure to use the code F5W as well to get 10% off your entire order.

product picture
$27.99Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Female Orgasms
DVD by Vivid
Stars: James Deen, Tristan Taormino, Evanni Solei, Jiz Lee
Director: Tristan Taormino
Buy from EdenFantasys
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.


The Fairy Mini USB Wand

Fairy Mini USB Wand


The Fairy Mini USB Wand

When I saw this toy, I first thought “How cute! I would love to have that novelty for my toy collection!” Well, I was wrong by that judgment – to me, it’s more than just a little novelty toy. This little cutie packs a huge punch. The Pocket Fairy Wand USB was sent to me by MyPleasure sex toys. The Pocket Fairy wand is 5 3/4 inches long and about an inch at the widest point of the toy – which is the top of the wand. The wand is made of non-porous plastic. It’s completely phthalate free if you are wanting to stay away from those products. The sides of the top of the wand have a slight ribbed texture. The Pocket Fairy is also rechargeable by plugging it into the USB drive of your computer.
The Pocket Fairy is a mix between a wand style vibe and a pocket rocket style vibe. It’s used for external stimulation, so you can use it to stimulate your clit, nipples, or any other part of your body. It’s not made to be inserted inside the body, but you can use it anywhere on the outside of your body. I used mine mostly for clit stimulation and around my vulva. I didn’t really try it on my nipples though I love nipple stimulation – I worried that the vibe may be a little too strong. It works great during intercourse because it’s small and easy to hold against yourself. I had the best experience when I used it to stimulate my clit while my partner fingered me. As I mentioned, this little toy packs a punch – so it is definitely for those looking for a stronger vibe. I still have yet to try a Hitachi, because I am slowly working my way up to it because it’s such a strong vibrator. I feel like the Fairy Wand is definitely a great “gateway” toy to begin my journey into the world of wand style toys.

I like the material it’s made of, the toy is completely smooth and the tip of the wand is completely smooth as well with a soft velvety like texture. The sides of the wand tip does have slight ribs but I can not feel the ribs during use.
I really like the design of the Wand, it’s cute, simple, and easy to use. The size is great because I can easily hide it next to my bed so I have it there when I need it. The controls are very easy to use, it’s just a little switch on the front of the toy. It pretty much has two modes of use “high” and “higher” – which for me works well if I want a to have a quick grab toy next to the bed that I want to work quickly. The size is great because it’s small and very travel friendly – you could carry it in your pocket or put it in a small inside pocket on your bed. Due to the size, it is very easy to hide, I keep it next to my bed inside the jewelry box on my nightstand.

It comes with a strap as well.

The vibrations are completely located on the tip of the wand. The toy is not really noisy at all, I don’t feel like I have to worry about my housemates hearing it through the walls or my bed room door. Unless they went up and put their ear up to it – which would be a little odd – so I hope that they don’t do that. It’s not waterproof, so don’t take the wand into the shower or bath with you. Charging the wand is very easy, you just plug it into the Wand and then plug it into the USB of your computer. This may make it easy to travel with as long as you have a computer with you. Clean up is easy, I just clean the tip with mild soap and warm water. Then I wipe down the handle being careful not to get any water into the USB plug in. I store my wand in a little box on my night stand because I like to keep it there for quick grab when I need it.

The Fairy Mini USB wand came packaged in a card board box with what looked to be Japanese writing on it. It didn’t really come with any instructions so I had to figure out how to use it myself, but it’s pretty straight forward anyway. You don’t have to charge it before use either, which I loved. You could use the toy right away. My impression: I absolutely love this toy and I recommend it to anyone looking to get into Wand toys or wanting a nice travel wand vibrator. The USB charger works great and the toy holds charge for a long amount of time. I’m thrilled that I got a chance to try out this toy and it will be one of my go to toys when I need a quick play or even an extended one depending on how I use the settings.


What are you waiting for? Go get your Fairy Mini USB wand!

JeJoue MiMi

Jejoue MiMi Review


JeJoue MiMi

The Mimi is the newest vibrator released from Jejoue . The MiMi is sold through the great woman friendly sex toy shop, Babeland and they were nice enough to give me one in exchange for an honest review. What can I tell you about the MiMi? Well, it comes in the trademark JeJoue purple and a gorgeous bright rose color. I got mine in the Rose color and I love it, it’s nice and vibrant. The Mimi is a smaller vibe; it’s 3 1/2 inches in length and 2 inches at it’s widest point which would be the bottom of the vibe. The shape of the MiMi is similar to an egg, only flat and fits into the palm of your hand. The MiMi is 100% silicone and rechargeable by using the “click n charge” method. The click n charge method means that all you have to do is plug it into the wall and then click the charger onto the vibe instead of having to plug the charger into a port onto the side of the toy. The MiMi is also waterproof so you can take it into the shower with you to play.

Alternate views

I feel that the MiMi would work best for those looking for a stronger vibrator. The reason I say this is because the vibrations are very rumbly on the lower settings and they get very buzzy the higher they go. Even when you get to the pulsating settings it is still pretty buzzy. It was to the point that I was very surprised to get those kind of vibrations out of such a small vibrator. If that is what you are looking for – then this is the right vibe for you to go to. The MiMi is made for external surface stimulation, so you can use it to stimulate your clit, nipples, thighs, anus, etc. I would not however try to insert the vibrator inside you because there is nothing to hold onto and it could get stuck.

The MiMi has no texture whatsoever, it’s just perfectly smooth silicone. It’s a perfect toy if you aren’t looking for anything with texture. I am huge fan of silicone toys because they are soft, feels great to the touch, and extremely easy to clean. The silicone material did have a little bit of a smell when I first opened the box. It wasn’t off putting at all but I was very surprised because have never experienced a silicone toy give off a smell before.

Plugged in to charge

I really like the design of the MiMi, it’s ergonomic and it fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. It’s also very easy to hold between your fingers. Part of the reason I really like the egg shape is that it has a bit of a tip to make pinpoint stimulation a bit easier and it has wide areas to stimulate wider areas. I liked that the vibrator has a bit of a “tongue” shape which makes it easy for me to fantasize and simulate receiving oral sex. I have no problem with the size of the vibrator and it is very travel friendly because it can easily fir into your pocket. The toy is discreet because it is easy to hide, I currently have my MiMi in a small jewelry box beside my bed. This toy would be one of my top choices to take with me when I travel due to it’s size, it’s discreet look, and it’s rechargeable (so you won’t have to pack batteries). Also, the size and shape of the MiMi makes it easy to use during intercourse.

I absolutely love my MiMi and I don’t have any complaints about the functions. I like each of the vibration settings, but usually I will stick to the steady vibrations rather than using the pulsating ones. The only thing I may change about the MiMi are the on and off buttons. Sure it helps for the design to not have both the click n charge buttons and on and off buttons in the same place rather than cluttering different buttons onto the vibrator. It’s just that they are low and can be hard to push with slick fingers if you are using it with lube or in the water. As stated, the MiMi is waterproof, though I did not submerge the MiMi under water – I just took it into the shower with me. I have heard from someone else that their MiMi died after it was submerged in water so I was not brave enough to try it with my nice luxury toy.

The packaging that MiMi comes in can make a great storage box too.

The MiMi is extremely easy to care for, it doesn’t take much to clean it. I usually use mild soap and warm water to clean all of my toys. You can also use toy cleaner solutions as well. I store my MiMi in a drawstring toy bag inside my lockable toy chest. The MiMi is a silicone toy so you will want to be sure to stay away from silicone lubricants with this toy because it could possibly ruin the toy. Silicone toys have a bad reaction when combined with silicone lubricants.

All in all, I am in love with the MiMi and I highly recommend it. Sure, it’s a little pricey but it’s well worth the price. I am thrilled to have the MiMi in my collection. It does it’s job, feels great, is very well-made, and not noisy at all.

So what are you waiting for, say “Me, Me!” and go get yourself a MiMi from Babeland Toys!


The packaging

Japanese Bondage Rope review


Japanese Bondage Rope

Thanks to the great shop, Pink Cherry sex toys – I was given the chance to try out the bondage toy, cotton rope – for the very first time. You might be looking at this kind of strangely – I mean you may be thinking “Rope – what’s the big deal about it?” or “I could get that any old place.” Well, there is a lot you can do with rope and yes you could get it any where, but if you want to try out some great “shibari” or rope bondage, you need the perfect kind of rope. This Japanese Style Cotton Rope is manufactured by Doc Johnson made of 100% cotton and 32 feet (10 meters) long. The length works well for many rope bondage tricks and gives you lots of room to maneuver. The rope came in clear plastic packaging with a blue information card and there were no raunchy or pornographic images on it at all. The information card tells you a little information about the rope and on the inside there are a few images of a few knots that you can do. The images were a little hard for me to follow because all they consist of are loose looking knot images. I do better using videos and you can find lots of great videos from Two Knotty Boys.

The packaging

When I opened the package, I had a good impression of the rope – it is really soft and feels nice against the skin. I feel that the product will most likely suit the more beginner and intermediate bondage enthusiasts. You c an use it to do simple things like wrist and ankle restraint with the rope, but if you want to move onto rope bondage techniques you will want to be sure to read up a bit on the subject first. When it comes to bondage, there are safety responsibilities that go along with it. So you will definitely want to make sure you learn the proper techniques to go along with it.

The rope and the instructions it comes with

I did the pull, tug, and tear test on the rope and it holds in nice and strong. The rope is nice and thick not thin and flimsy. I feel like the rope is very well made, it’s woven together and the ends aren’t finished. If you are worried about the unfinished ends fraying even more – you can always clip the ends off with scissors and then quickly paint on them with clear nail polish. Another easy way is to wrap tape around the ends. It all depends on your preference.

The ends

Due to the amount included there is more than needed for beginner techniques, I found myself getting a little mixed up due to the amount when doing beginner knots. I’m petite and my partner is tall and slender so we had enough for what we needed. I mostly tried practicing knots and wrist restraints with him with the rope. The rope feels great and doesn’t irritate your skin at all. I got mine in black but you can choose from purple and red as well. I will definitely be going back to Pink Cherry to buy the other colors as well.

As far as washing goes,I have read that you could probably put it in a lingerie bag or one of those bigger bra balls and throw it in the washer. Otherwise you may want to wash it by hand if you feel the need to. I haven’t really needed to wash mine so I can’t be absolutely sure.

All in all, I have a very great impression of the product. It’s great quality, sturdy, and soft, and you have just enough needed to practice getting into rope bondage without having to buy more just yet. This was important for me as I am a beginner to rope bondage and I wasn’t 100% sure on how much I needed. Once I am ready to move onto the elaborate ties I will go ahead and purchase more. I really would love to try color work as well, but that will come once I have had more practice. I highly recommend this rope because my partner and I have had a lot of fun with it so far. I have also managed to do some pretty awesome knot work so I can tell you first hand that once you get the hang of it – it’s not as hard as it looks if that is something you are worried about. Just practice.


Want to purchase your own bondage rope? Well go to Pink and get some! While you are there be sure to check out their great selection of vibrators and other sex toys as well.

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