A picture of the Babydoll on my bed

I was lucky enough to be able to request this Babydoll from Edenfantasys – the Sex shop I trust. This sophisticated little business casual number is part of Dream Girls “New York Affair” line. It’s made of 100% polyester microfiber and completely comfortable. The set comes with the pinstriped babydoll and a pair of thong panties. The pinstripes cover the cups and go straight down

The lining of the cups and the underwire.

the middle of the front and back of the babydoll. The sides of the babydoll are made up of soft microfiber mesh and clearly see-through. Which is fun because it allows your partner a small peek but not the full view. The pink ruffles on that decorate the bottom of the Babydoll are also made of the soft mesh microfiber. The cups are adorned with black eyelet and shiny pink ribbon and bows. The cups are also lined and have underwire in them – which is a plus for those of us that like that extra support.


My favorite thing about thing about this Babydoll is the exposed and open back on it. I was able to use it to add a bit of an element of surprise for my partner. I wouldn’t let him see the back of it until the last minute. I turned around and exposed the open lace up back that exposed the thong and framed my

Close up of the corset back

rump. I think that my partner really enjoyed that factor of the Babydoll. The lace up back is kept together by shiny satin pink ribbon that gives it the corset look.


The one thing I did not like about this Babydoll is the boning that goes straight down the middle of it on either side of the pinstriped panel down the middle. It made it hard to get on along with the corset back. I don’t want to have to undo the ribbon in the back every time that I want to put the Babydoll on – so I just pulled it over my head. It wasn’t impossible to get on that way – but the boning made it a little bit of a struggle. You have to make sure that you adjust the corset back to fit you from the beginning if you chose to put it on the same way that I did.

The thong that comes along with the set is also made of a mesh mircofiber as well and has little pink ruffles on the top of them. They fit decently but I’m petite and I have very curvy hips and a curvy tush as well – so they probably would have felt a little better in a medium. That’s the only problem that I have with the sets – while I am a little better in a small size for the top, sometimes I need a medium for the bottom because I was blessed with wide and curvy hips.

My overall impression is that this babydoll does make a great addition to your lingerie collection. The sizing chart listed on EdenFantasys was pretty accurate. If you are unsure of your sizing, it would be best to get out a measuring tape. It being made of microfiber helps it to be resistant to wrinkles as well. Also, the straps on the Babydoll are adjustable as well.

I would suggest that you should machine wash cold, and hang dry – do not iron the fabric because it may burn. If you’d like to purchase your own or other lingerie, check out this great sex shop’s Sexy lingerie. They have a great selection of vibrators and sex toys as well!

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$31.99Pinstripe Babydoll
Babydoll and panty set by DreamGirl
Material: Microfiber
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