The contour Q set

I was recently given the chance from Babeland to try out the Jimmyjane Contour Q massage stones. The Contour Q massage stones are made for targeted massage and they fit directly into the palm of your hand. They are also made to fit perfectly into the Contour M massage stone as well. The Contour Q massage stones are made completely of porcelain and can be heated or cooled by placing them in warm or cool water. The Contour Q stones come in a set of two, one has a slightly ridged surface and the other has a surface covered in bumps. Each stone has short knobs on each end that are referred to as the “pressure nodes”. Each stone is ergonomically made to fit in the palm of your hand. They are about 1.5″ wide and 2.7″ high. The stones are glazed with a smooth white glaze and are body safe and easy to clean.

Close up of the textures

The reason I wanted to try out these stones is because my partner and I often give each other massages. We have both used a massage tools on each other before. One of the reasons that I chose to try these stones is because of the ability to warm and cool them for use. If I want to warm them up, I just drop them into a cup of warm water and if I want to cool them down I do the same with a cup of cold water. Though I haven’t found a need to cool them yet because they are normally cool due to room temperature. When warming, I let them sit for about 6 – 10 minutes in a cup of warm water. They do pick up the temperature of the water really well. Though I noticed that they will cool off quickly depending on the heat you warm them to. So if you are planning on giving a long massage – you may want to keep the warm water next to you so you can rewarm the stones.

The stones do fit perfectly in the palm of both my and my partner’s hands – despite me having much smaller hands. It did take a few uses for me to get the hang of rolling it along my partner’s back though. My partner said that he didn’t feel much of a difference between the two textures when I used them on him. I didn’t either, but I did notice that the bumpy stone did do better for a surface massage and the stone with the ridges on it seemed to do a deeper massage. The stones are supposed to help get circulation going in the area that they are used and somehow I could really tell. It felt great!

Uses for the Q stones at bottom of image

There are a few uses for the Contour Q stones at the bottom of the image. My partner and I did use them for an all over back massage – which worked great both cooled and warmed. I did use the pressure nodes (ends of stones) on my hands and temples – those worked very well. I could definitely feel a difference in the areas that I used them on. I did use them to massage my own feet, I just put down a towel and set the stone on top of it, then I positioned my foot on top of it and rolled it back and forth with my foot. If you have a job that involves you being on your feet most of the day – you will love the stones for a foot massage. They worked great, especially when I used them on my feet at a warmed temperature. The image does show tips for sexual use – but my partner and I didn’t really try them out for any of those uses. The clean up of the stones is easy, I just wash them with mild soap and warm water. Also, if you receive your stones and one of them is chipped – please don’t use it!! Contact customer support and see if you can have them exchanged.

All in all, I really enjoy these for massage and they work great with the
Babeland Massage Candle as well! I recommend them so go purchase your own and check out all of the other great toys and vibrators on the woman friendly website Babeland!