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Editor’s Pick

  • Wahl of Orgasms by Quizzical Pussy
  • People come up to me all the time and say, “Quizzical Pussy, I was so entirely sorry to learn of the demise of your Jack Rabbit.”

    At this point I always give my little funereal grimace/smile that I practiced when all my grandparents were dying off; I nod gravely. “Thank you for being here. It means so much to the family.”

Scarlet Lotus St. Syr

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e[lust] #14

On to the reviews…


  • Le Reve by Mistress Kay
  • Solar Bullet by Sammi
  • Super7 G-Pulse by Toys in Love
  • RO120mm by Darling Dove
  • Desire by Sammi
  • Wahl by Quizzical Pussy
  • Ophoria Beyond No 1 by Pretty Power Tools
  • Lia Magic Wand by Sarahbear
  • Vida Vanta by Juliettia
  • Hello Kitty Pocket Rocket by Sea of Neptune
  • Pirates Pendant by Missy
  • Turbo Glider by Epiphora
  • Fun Factory Spring by Dr. Ruthie
  • Sweet Dreams Desire by Pretty Power Tools


  • Jollies Jollie by Scarlet Lotus St. Syr
  • Vixen Mistress by Mistress Kay
  • Tantus O2 Revolution by Britni TheVadgeWig
  • Rose G-Spotter by Darling Dove
  • Rose G-Spotter by Luscious Lily
  • Vixen Creations Nexus Maximus by Marilyn
  • Tantus Silk by Red Vinyl Kitty
  • Vixen Creations Raquel by Kynky Kytty
  • Scrudy by Sarahbear
  • Ophoria Beyond No. 3 by Mistress Kay
  • Duncan Charles Designs Signature by Epiphora
  • WetForHer Two by Pretty Power Tools
  • Tantus Charmer by Lila

Anal Toys

  • Nexus O & O Max by Scarlet Lotus St. Syr
  • Nexus O by Toys in Love
  • Evolved Talon by Cooper
  • Tantus Infinity by Sammi

Toys for Cocks

  • Sex In a Can – Spread Eagle by Dr. Ruthie

Lube, Massage Oil, Bath Stuff, & etc.

  • Intimate Organics Hydra by Cooper
  • Wet Synergy by Sea of Neptune
  • Intimate Organics Cleansing Bath and Shower Gel by Britni TheVadgeWig
  • ID Millennium by Wilhelmina Wang
  • Bikini Kitty Cat Nip by HotMoviesForHer Sex Toy Crew


  • Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraints by Luscious Lily
  • Extreme Compliance Kit by Mistress Kay
  • Heart 2 Heart Cuffs by On Intimacy
  • Whipsmart New Millenium Hog Tie by Joanna Cake
  • KinkAcademy.com by Garnet Joyce

Adult Books/Games

  • Great Sex Games Unpredictable by Cooper
  • Big Book of Sex Toys by Newlyinclined
  • I Dare You by Pretty Power Tools

Adult Movies & Porn

  • Seven Minutes in Heaven 2: Tender Hearted by Holly
  • Sex: How to Do Everything by Nadia West
  • Crash Pad Series Volume 5: The Revolving Door by Kyle Jones
  • The Perfect Secretary: Training Day by Mistress Kay
  • Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality by Jonsbabydoll
  • Latin Mommas by The Porn Librarian
  • Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! – Kurt Lockwood by FrzKey
  • Handcuffs by The Porn Librarian
  • Heads Up – The Official Guide To Fellatio by J.D. Bauchery
  • Insatiable by FrzKey
  • Please Ma’am by the Porn Librarian
  • Going Down: The Official Guide to Cunnilingus by Sarahbear
  • My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke by Mistress Kay
  • Debbie Does Dallas by The Countess
  • Belladonna’s Strapped Dykes by Jonsbabydoll

Sex Furnitre

  • Luv-U-Lounge by True Pleasures
  • Hot Pink Dance Pole Kit by Juliettia


  • Eat Whatever Mints by Shay
  • Sportsheets Vibrating Corsette Harness by Bailey
  • Sensis Condoms with Quikstrips by Gardenvy
  • BOP for Her by Sexorcism
  • Ophoria K-Balls 10 Textured by Jonsbabydoll
  • Ophoria K-Balls 10 Textured by Vanilla Kinks
  • Condom Cube by Isabel0329

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