There are plenty ways of getting the desired pleasures and satisfaction and different people choose different means to achieve that. When it comes to sex, some go for well-known, conventional methods, while others prefer experimenting. Well, different types of butt plugs have been created especially for that purpose and you should definitely try them out.

What is a butt plug?

Based on butt plugs reviews, butt plugs are among the top popular sex toys that you can select for your anal games. Realistic butt plugs are the embodiment of the golden rule “everything brilliant is simple”, and they represent hands-free stimulation of anal for extended time periods. The best male butt plugs manage to fulfill this a mission in a very effective manner – they remain in place. With help of butt plugs sexual pleasure becomes easily attainable, because they put pressure on erogenous zones and hereby create the sensation of “fullness”. Besides that, butt plugs stretch the rectum, which prepares it for other types of anal games.

Types and main characteristics

When it comes to anal butt plug selection, there plenty of options to choose from and your will definitely enjoy browsing through those diversified catalogues. This is the list of all the common butt plugs that you may find on the shelves of stores:

  • Candy heath butt plug;
  • Animal tail;
  • Silicone;
  • Jeweled butt plug;
  • Crystal;
  • Glass jewel;
  • Big end small butt plug;
  • With vibration.

The main characteristics that you need to consider when searching for a good-quality butt plug are:

  • Size (length, circumference etc.);
  • Shape (spherical, oblong irregular etc.);
  • Material (silicone, PVC, glass, metal etc.);
  • Texture (smooth, hilly, rippled etc.);
  • Additional Features (vibrating, suction cup etc.).

In fact, it is a good thing that the diversity of butt plugs is so big, because it becomes easier for everyone to select the butt plug that is most suitable for him/her. Every person has his own peculiarities and butt plug that is good for one person may not necessarily be suitable for another one. Do not overestimate your abilities and select the butt plug that fits nicely inside and provides the necessary amount of pleasure.

How to choose the best butt plugs?

There are different factors for consideration that you should take into account, when looking for the best butt plug, like:

  • Price range – make sure you select value for money;
  • Brand name – follow the trusted producers with good reputation;
  • Size, texture, shape, color – find out, which butt plug completely fits you in terms of all parameters;
  • Additional features – vibrating butt plug, ponytail butt plug, multi-stage butt plug etc.
  • Product quality – do not take something that looks unreliable to you in order not to cause any problems to you health.

Take your time for market research and reading reviews in order to be fully satisfied with your butt plug.

Choosing the right size for your needs

The good news is butt plugs vary widely in sizes, and that is one of the best characteristics of theirs, because everyone can easily find the correct size that perfectly fits needs, personal experience and rectum as well.

A butt plug for beginners usually consists of the wide point which is around 1 inch in diameter, followed by an insertable section, which is 2 – 3.5 in long. Of course, the insertable lengths of butt plugs cannot be as long as for dildos, because they have different function.

In case of butt plugs, the insertable length may be:

  • 2-3 in;
  • 4-5 in;
  • 6 in and more;

While the circumference may vary from:

  • 2 in to 3 in and higher (depending on flexibility of your rectum).

As you can see, there are plenty of size options, hence do not hesitate and take your time in order to select the most suitable parameters in order to create the desired “filling” effect inside your rectum. Keep in mind that the butt plug size and insertable length are two different things. Hence, ensure that you properly read the brochures for each sex toy before using it.

How to choose the right material, shape and texture

Butt plugs are generally available in diversified shapes as well as sizes, like:

  • Teardrop shape or “bulb”;
  • “Neck”;
  • Flared base.

Based on butt plug reviews, in the majority of cases plugs are round and become narrow towards the bulb tip, while the size is gradually increasing all the way until the widest point. After the widest point, the butt plug starts narrowing down and then comes the “neck” (i.e., the thinnest point of the toy). The sphincter will basically hug the plug around the neck after you have fully inserted the plug inside. The plug base can be round, or a narrow flared.

Basically, you can use stainless steel as well as other body-safe metals, because they feel very smooth and don’t tend to drag the skin during the insertion, but at the same time they have a higher weight and are not flexible.

Meantime, glass and/or crystal butt plugs look beautiful and have a lighter weight comparing to metal toys. However, it’s crucial to ensure that they are produced by well-known brands and have been reinforced to remain intact without breaking around the neck, which is the weakest point.

Likewise, silicone represents one of the most commonly used materials for butt plugs for women and men. Silicone butt plugs are safe for the body and are able to be sanitized easily while demonstrating impressive flexibility, which is very important for beginners.

When it comes to textures, you are free to select a smooth surface, a hilly texture or a rippled one based on your preferences.

How to use butt plugs

When it comes to using butt plugs (whether it is a suction cup butt plug, realistic butt plug, wearable butt plug, butt plug with a handle or others), the main part focuses on execution. Hence, do not rush the things and insert the plug gradually without any jerking moves. The same rule applies when you want to take out the butt plug. Besides that, you should use a sufficient amount of lubricant to make it easier for a butt plug to get inside your rectum.

Make sure you take proper care of your anal butt plug by cleaning it, even if it is your first time to use it. The frequency of you cleaning the butt plugs depends on how often you use them as well as the material. Likewise, silicone requires more frequent and thorough washing. Maintain good hygiene and clean yourself before inserting butt plugs. You are supposed to clean your rectum as well to avoid any fecal remnants. Store your butt plug at room temperature in a dry place and prevent any contact with direct sun.