Bnaughty Deluxe in packaging

What do you get when you attach a bullet vibe to a remote control? Some very naughty fun! I was recently offered the chance to review the Bnaughty Deluxe vibrator from the great website Pink Cherry. The Bnaughty Deluxe is made of ABS plastic and the length of the bullet is about 2 inches long with a thickness of 2.4 inches. The remote fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and even curves in on the sides for an ergonomic shape. The remote never once felt uncomfortable in my hand. I chose mine in the “ruby and silver” color, but you can also get it in violet and black. Each one of the colors looks sleek and shiny, giving it a luxurious look. The bullet on the other hand does not have the shiny finish and is matte colored except for the silver that goes around the edges.

The remote in my hand

I feel that this product will work well for everyone. It does not have to be inserted internally for pleasure – so it is a great choice for beginners that are not ready to try inserting a sex toy. It makes a great fun play toy for the seasoned users, and can be used with your partner during foreplay. There is a chance though that some of the vibration settings may not be strong enough for those that need stronger vibrations. The product is also made of hygienic material and does not contain any phthalates for those that look for those specific products. The toy is very discreet, travel friendly, and not at all noisy if you are looking for a nice quiet toy.

Bullet size in comparison to my hand

The bullet can be used to stimulate your erogenous zones, such as your clit and nipples. The fun thing about the toy is that you have 7 different settings of vibration available to you. I used it mostly for clitoral stimulation and I also used it on my partner’s penis and perineum during foreplay. I have read that you can use it for external anal stimulation, but it is not recommended that you insert it. There are low, medium, and high settings – as well as pulsating type vibrations. One vibration works great for teasing because it will stop for a few seconds and start up again. The texture of the remote is completely smooth, while the bullet is smooth except there is a slight ridge on it where the where the silver meets the “ruby” color. One thing that I love about the remote is that it has two buttons, one for the functions and one to turn it on/off. I loved this feature because it can be a pain at times if you have to cycle through the settings just to turn the toy off. The buttons glow red when the toy is turned on, which looks neat. The vibrator is waterproof and works well in the shower. I had tested my Bnaughty deluxe out while I took a shower one day. I did not try to submerge the toy, but I did read that it is not recommended. The battery door may not be secure enough to keep all the water out while it is submerged. So be careful, I ruined my very first sex toy because I thought that it was waterproof enough to be taken into the bath with me. The toy is also very easy to clean. I use a mild soap and warmer water to clean my toys normally. Though you can also use a good toy cleaner or wipe it down with isoprophyl alcohol (because it is ABS plastic) as well.

Remote buttons glowing red

The Bnaughty Deluxe made a great first impression on me, due to the attractive design of both the toy and the packaging (no raunchy images). It also helped that it had easy to follow instructions despite that the instructions included ones to all of the Bswish toys. The care, cleaning, and use of the toy is very easy. The toy also comes with it’s own plush knit storage bag so you won’t have to come up with your own. The batteries are easy to insert and remove. It takes 3 AAA batteries which was bad for me because I don’t normally keep those on hand – so I need to learn to stock up on them. As far as use goes, my favorite way to use the toy was just to stick the bullet down in my panties and just lie there and control it with the remote. It’s great because you can have a great erotica book in one hand and the remote in the other. I also used the toy during foreplay with my partner to stimulate his penis, perineum, and inner thighs. He seemed to really love it! So I would recommend it to couples looking for a foreplay toy because you can use it on each other during. I have not tried it much for nipple stimulation but I feel that for me at least – the regular vibration settings would work great for nipple stimulation. I’ll admit that the toy does lose one star for me because it’s not really one of my “go to” sex toys. I use it mainly for special circumstances or foreplay.

All in all, great vibe – I highly recommend!


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