I was very excited when WET gave me the chance to review a sample of their new Synergy lubricant. The Synergy lube comes in two types: personal lubricant and cool tingle. The two lubricants are water based but is also combined with a bit of silicone as well. The intention is to be able to have a longer lasting water based lubricant. The lubricants are also internded to be hypoallergenic, PH balanced, and latex friendly. Some of the ingredients in the personal lubricant are: glycerin and deionized water. The ingredients in the cool tingle are exactly the same as the personal lubricant but it also contains peppermint. If you are allergic to peppermint- you may want to steer clear of the cool tingle product. The plus about both of the types of lubricant is the neither contain parabens – so if you are trying to steer clear of parabens, you are in luck with this product! There are two sizes to the synergy bottles, small and large. I tried out the small bottles shown in the middle of the image above. I really like the bottle that Synergy comes in, it’s gorgeous. The personal lubricant comes in a shiny metallic magenta bottle while the cool tingle comes in a metallic teal bottle. The bottle opens by a push tab, similar to those on Shampoo bottles. The bottles open quite easily, but to me because of the thickness of the lubricant it didn’t come out as easy as I would like. Especially when you have used up a bit of it – it seems to take a bit more squeezing of the bottle to get the amount of lube that you would like out of the bottle. I haven’t noticed any leakage from the bottle at all though, so that’s a plus for me because I store it in a container under my bed. The small bottles are very discreet, to me they just look like lotion bottles. As I said, I tried out the small bottles and the bottles contain about 1.9 ounces of lubricant in them.

The first few things I did to test the lube was give it a smell and taste test. To me the personal lubricant has a perfume type smell and it smells pretty good. As far as the taste goes, to me it’s kind of fruity but it also seems to have a bitter aftertaste. The cool tingle is my favorite, it smells so much like peppermint and I love peppermint. To me it smelled so good that I wanted to eat it. The taste is very pepperminty, I love it! It makes the perfect oral lube for me as well because of the taste and the properties of the cool tingle lubricant. I also did a patch test on a couple of my silicone toys, I didn’t notice any side effects. Though if you are unsure and too nervous to try it on your silicone toys yourself, it would best to do a patch test or not use it on them at all. The consistency of the lubricant is gel-like, it is thick and but smooths and thins out easily. The lubricant is completely clear and colorless so I wouldn’t worry about it staining any of your sheets or clothes. As far as special properties goes, the personal lubricant is intended to be “3x longer lasting” than any other water based wet lubricant. The cool tingle is the same, but it does exactly what the name says: it gives you an extra cooling and tingling sensation. As far as longer lasting, the only other water-based WET lubricant I have used is the WET Original and I would say that Synergy is longer lasting than what I am used to from Original. As far as use goes, when I tried it for toy use I felt that it worked great and gave my silicone toy the extra slickness it needed. I did feel that after a bit it did need to be reapplied or at least when I pulled it out and it hit the air, the toy felt as if it dried up quickly. I did attempt to use it for anal as well, but I didn’t really like it – I felt that it wasn’t slick enough and that it wasn’t long lasting enough for me. I did feel that a copious amount was needed before I could get the amount of slickness that I preferred. Not a whole lot, but more than just a dime amount.

The Cool Tingle Synergy definitely gives a cooling sensation – I didn’t notice much of a tingling sensation when I used it but I did notice cooling. In fact, it worked so well that my partner asked me to turn the fan off when I applied it on him because it just made him too cold. I really enjoyed this lube for oral and so did my partner. He seemed to like it a lot in general, and it’s one of his favorite lubricants now. I thought the taste was great and I liked the cooling feeling in my mouth, to me it helped to take him deeper in my mouth as well. For vaginal use, I liked the extra sensation, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all but everyone is different so try a little bit first to see if you like it before you use a whole lot. I did not try this product for anal, because I don’t like the idea of having any type of cooling sensation on that part of my body. When it comes to clean up, it was quite easy – I just used soap and warm water to clean my toys. I didn’t notice any sticky residue left behind or anything. One thing that I did notice was that it seemed a bit harder to clean off of one of my silicone dildos. It may be due to the silicone or the texture of the dildo – but I had to scrub at it because it left a bit of a residue.

All in all, I loved the product and I will purchase more when I run out ~ especially the Cool Tingle. I have tried a few of WET’s products now and I am a big fan of their lubricants. I would recommend them to anyone that asked and if you would like to see the products available check out their website: Stayswetlonger.com and if you look at the sidebar you can request free samples of from them. If you would like to learn more about WET Synergy and try out some free samples, check out this page: WetSynergy.com.