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All Night Love Affair

All Night Love Affair Review


All Night Love Affair

So when I decided to choose my next review item, I chose something I hadn’t tried reviewing before: a board game. I am thrilled that My Pleasure sex toys was willing to give me the opportunity to review one. This game is called “All Night Love Affair”, it’s a simple looking game that is made up of only one die and 96 game cards. The directions are simple, you first make sure all of the cards are divided into the 3 categories. The cards aren’t designed extremely fancy. Each card is purple with a graphic on top to show which category it belongs to. The pictures for each category consist of: a pink heart that says “kiss me” on it, a pink pair of panties, and a black and white graphic that says “All Night Love Affair”. On the backside, the cars is completely white with black text to tell you what to do for that category.

To play the game, the players take turns rolling the die. Each side of the die matches the picture on the cards and there is also a side with a question mark on it. The player who just rolled the die, will then pick up a card that corresponds to the picture on the dice. The player must then follow the directions given to them on the card. Once they complete the directions given, the player will then put the card at the bottom of that pile. If you land on the question mark, you get to choose a card from any of the categories. The only catch is that if the die lands on “All Night Love Affair” within the first 5 rolls, you can not take that card and you will have to roll again. The same rule applies to the question mark, you can not choose “All Night Love Affair” if you are within the first 5 rolls. The first player that rolls “All Night Love Affair” first after the first 5 rolls, is the winner of the game and gets to draw a card from that pile. The instructions to the game are printed on one side of the box and they are straightforward and easy to understand.

This game could easily work for most couples, from beginners to couples who are looking to spice up things. My partner and I have been together for 3 years and have tried anything from vanilla to BDSM. If you usually experiment on a regular basis, then you may find the more basic cards boring. If you are hoping for some bondage, there aren’t many cards that use it – so it may not be right for the bondage lover. My partner and I both work and go to college, so this is perfect for us because we don’t often have time to spend on certain sex aspects and because the game can be short or last as long as you would like it to. Depending on what type of couple you are, you can easily take out the cards that may consist of things you may not be comfortable doing. You can easily take the game with you wherever you would like in the house. The box isn’t very big, so you could pack it to take with you on a trip even. It does have setting specific cards, but you can always take them out or ignore them if you can’t use them.

I feel that the design of the game is effective, aesthetically it’s nothing fancy to look at b ut the set up is effective. The directions are straight forward and simple, but you can easily alter them if needed. It seems like it is set up for 2 players, but I am sure you can alter it for more if you would like to. The game has no set length or time limit so you can make it as long or as short as you would like depending on how long you choose to spend on each card. As I mentioned earlier, you can easily go through the cards and take out any cards that you or your partner may not be comfortable doing, if needed. The “panty” card category seems to consist of cards that involve using your hands, mouth, or body. Such as “Massage Your Lover’s Neck”, “Have your lover lie on their stomach and stimulate them from behind with your hands”, “Blindfold and tease your lover”, “stimulate yourself while your lover watches”, “grind your naked bodies without penetration”, and “tickle your lover”. There was only one card in this category that I was uncomfortable with and that is “trim or shave your lover’s privates” and that is only because I am not into letting my partner trim or shave me at all. The “Kiss Me” category involves mostly directions where you have to use your mouth. Such as “French kiss your lover”, “Tell your lover an erotic fantasy – be as descriptive as possible (talk dirty)”, “Have your lover lie down. Tie your lover’s hands over their head and perform oral on them.”, “Lick your lover from head to toe”, and “Model lingerie or perform a strip-tease”. The “All Night Love Affair” category is all about sex, which is why you have to wait to get to this category for a few rolls before you can draw a card. It includes cards like: “Make Love on the kitchen counter or table”, “Make love on the floor or living room sofa”, “tie your lover up, blindfold them if you wish, and make love to them.”, “She/He has to be your sex slave for the evening.”, and “watch a scene from an erotic movie and act it out with your lover.”

My partner and I actually had lots of fun with the game. It worked as a great bonding experience and it was nice because it helped us to set time aside to spoil each other in a way. When we played it, we followed the directions exactly, and when we pulled a card – we didn’t show it to each other. We just read the directions and acted it out on one another. Which made for a great surprise because we didn’t know what each other were going to do. When we pulled a card, we didn’t time each other or anything, we just did it until we were ready to stop and move on to the next card. It was also great to see my partner get into it and really enjoy it too. He even asks that we set aside time to play it from time to time.

All in all, I really enjoyed this game – I feel that it was a great first game to start out with when trying out sex games. It was fun, simple, and easy to use. If you are ready for your own All Night Love Affair, then go to My Pleasure to purchase the game for yourself. While you are there – be sure to check out all of their other toys to play with as well.


The Fairy Mini USB Wand

Fairy Mini USB Wand


The Fairy Mini USB Wand

When I saw this toy, I first thought “How cute! I would love to have that novelty for my toy collection!” Well, I was wrong by that judgment – to me, it’s more than just a little novelty toy. This little cutie packs a huge punch. The Pocket Fairy Wand USB was sent to me by MyPleasure sex toys. The Pocket Fairy wand is 5 3/4 inches long and about an inch at the widest point of the toy – which is the top of the wand. The wand is made of non-porous plastic. It’s completely phthalate free if you are wanting to stay away from those products. The sides of the top of the wand have a slight ribbed texture. The Pocket Fairy is also rechargeable by plugging it into the USB drive of your computer.
The Pocket Fairy is a mix between a wand style vibe and a pocket rocket style vibe. It’s used for external stimulation, so you can use it to stimulate your clit, nipples, or any other part of your body. It’s not made to be inserted inside the body, but you can use it anywhere on the outside of your body. I used mine mostly for clit stimulation and around my vulva. I didn’t really try it on my nipples though I love nipple stimulation – I worried that the vibe may be a little too strong. It works great during intercourse because it’s small and easy to hold against yourself. I had the best experience when I used it to stimulate my clit while my partner fingered me. As I mentioned, this little toy packs a punch – so it is definitely for those looking for a stronger vibe. I still have yet to try a Hitachi, because I am slowly working my way up to it because it’s such a strong vibrator. I feel like the Fairy Wand is definitely a great “gateway” toy to begin my journey into the world of wand style toys.

I like the material it’s made of, the toy is completely smooth and the tip of the wand is completely smooth as well with a soft velvety like texture. The sides of the wand tip does have slight ribs but I can not feel the ribs during use.
I really like the design of the Wand, it’s cute, simple, and easy to use. The size is great because I can easily hide it next to my bed so I have it there when I need it. The controls are very easy to use, it’s just a little switch on the front of the toy. It pretty much has two modes of use “high” and “higher” – which for me works well if I want a to have a quick grab toy next to the bed that I want to work quickly. The size is great because it’s small and very travel friendly – you could carry it in your pocket or put it in a small inside pocket on your bed. Due to the size, it is very easy to hide, I keep it next to my bed inside the jewelry box on my nightstand.

It comes with a strap as well.

The vibrations are completely located on the tip of the wand. The toy is not really noisy at all, I don’t feel like I have to worry about my housemates hearing it through the walls or my bed room door. Unless they went up and put their ear up to it – which would be a little odd – so I hope that they don’t do that. It’s not waterproof, so don’t take the wand into the shower or bath with you. Charging the wand is very easy, you just plug it into the Wand and then plug it into the USB of your computer. This may make it easy to travel with as long as you have a computer with you. Clean up is easy, I just clean the tip with mild soap and warm water. Then I wipe down the handle being careful not to get any water into the USB plug in. I store my wand in a little box on my night stand because I like to keep it there for quick grab when I need it.

The Fairy Mini USB wand came packaged in a card board box with what looked to be Japanese writing on it. It didn’t really come with any instructions so I had to figure out how to use it myself, but it’s pretty straight forward anyway. You don’t have to charge it before use either, which I loved. You could use the toy right away. My impression: I absolutely love this toy and I recommend it to anyone looking to get into Wand toys or wanting a nice travel wand vibrator. The USB charger works great and the toy holds charge for a long amount of time. I’m thrilled that I got a chance to try out this toy and it will be one of my go to toys when I need a quick play or even an extended one depending on how I use the settings.


What are you waiting for? Go get your Fairy Mini USB wand!


Tybo Callisto review


When I saw the name Callisto, I immediately thought of the Greek myth about the nymph that got lured away by Zeus. Well, this is a vibrator and has nothing to do with the myth – but does it have that same lure of a nymph? The Callisto vibrator is manufactured by Tybo and sold through My Pleasure sex toys. The Callisto is said to be a “triple pleaser” because of the insertable shaft and the two nubs on the bottom designed to stimulate your clit and anus – all at the same time. The Callisto is about 7 1/4 inches long with 3 1/2 of those inches insertable. The shaft is extremely slender (similar to a finger) and is 3/4 inches wide at the widest point. It is powered by only one AA battery which is inserted by unscrewing the the cap on the bottom of the toy. Callisto is made of pretty lavender PVC rubber and the handle is made of gray nickle plated aluminum. Callisto even comes with it’s own nickel plated stand to use for storage or display. Both the curved tip of the shaft and the nubs have raised ridges on them, similar to the ridges on a seashell. What I didn’t guess by reading the web page is that the top part of the shaft actually rotates in a circle for added stimulation. The Callisto is also waterproof for those of you who enjoy being able to take toys in the shower.

The Callisto is not very intimidating looking at all, so it’s great for beginners. The shaft is slender which is a plus for those who aren’t looking for huge girthy toys or for those that aren’t ready for larger toys. The Callisto will also give a unique option to those looking for something different to add to their toy collection. I really like the material that the Callisto is made of because it’s soft, velvety, and smooth. Due to the softness of the material, the ridged texture does not have any prominent feature for me – as I can not really feel them internally or externally. I do like the design of the toy, but one thing I don’t like is that one of the nubs is smaller than the other. So I feel like it doesn’t fully reach what I am wanting to stimulate. Only one of the nubs vibrates, so you can only get stimulation from vibrations on which ever side you choose to face the nub towards (your clit or anus). The rotating tip of the shaft works great for clitoral stimulation as well because it kind of seems to simulate the lapping of a tongue. The vibrations are moderate, they are overly strong and they are not too weak either. I felt that the vibrations were just right for me.

I don’t feel that the Callisto is very discreet and I don’t really put it out on display. The stand works well for me if I want to set it out on the nightstand to have it ready for play time. As far as having the toy out on display, at least to me I feel like it seems a little obvious of what it is – unless you just try to play it off as being a blooming flower art piece or something. The Callisto is very quiet, so you won’t have to worry about anyone hearing it through closed doors. The controls are easy to use, it’s a push button on the very end of the vibrator. I used the Callisto in the shower, I did not submerge it under water though. It performed well in the shower setting as well as in the bedroom setting.

I store my Callisto in my locking toy box in my closet. The packaging it came in looked nice and there weren’t any raunchy pictures that may turn you off of the toy. You could use the package as a storage box, I just prefer to get rid of the packaging because I don’t have a whole lot of room to keep the packaging.

All in all, I am impressed with the Callisto. It is my very first dual (or triple when it comes to this toy) stimulation toy. It’s not intimidating at all, some of the dual stimulation toys look huge. I chose the Callisto to review because I enjoy clitoral, vaginal, and anal stimulation so I loved the idea of being able to experience all three. The rotating head works well for clitoral stimulation – though I can’t really feel it much internally. The non-vibrating nub is not very huge and though it did give great anal stimulation, I felt that I could have had better. That’s not enough for me to hate the toy though, it did it’s job and the stimulation was pleasurable and enough to get me going – so I enjoy the toy and will be using it more in the future.

I apologize for the shakiness of the video, I had to hold the camera in one hand. Next time I will be sure to have someone help me.


Go get your very own Callisto from My Pleasure, and while you are there – check out their other fun toys.

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